Vaping teens up to seven times more likely to contract COVID-19, study finds

Teenagers and young adults who vape may be up to seven times more likely to catch coronavirus, a study has found.

Posted 2020/08/12 20:13:00

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

Microsoft has launched the beta version of its Xbox xCloud games streaming service, which will allow gamers to play console quality games on their mobile phones.

Posted 2020/08/12 12:12:00

New Xbox to launch in November... but without long-awaited Halo game

The Xbox Series X will be launched in November, Microsoft has confirmed.

Posted 2020/08/12 10:37:00

Facebook admits child nudity spread on Instagram

Facebook has admitted that the coronavirus pandemic meant that images of child nudity and sexual exploitation have been spreading on its platforms.

Posted 2020/08/12 09:29:00

SpaceX wins US military national security mission

Elon Musk's SpaceX has won a competitive contract to conduct secret national security launches for the US military, according to a US Air Force announcement.

Posted 2020/08/12 08:33:00

Bones of close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex discovered on Isle of Wight

Four bones found on the Isle of Wight belong to a new species of dinosaur from the same family as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Posted 2020/08/11 23:32:00

Police use of facial recognition ruled unlawful

A British police force's use of facial recognition technology has been ruled unlawful in a landmark judgment at the Court of Appeal.

Posted 2020/08/11 09:27:00

Apple boss Tim Cook joins billionaires club

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook is now a billionaire thanks to the company's rising share price.

Posted 2020/08/11 08:23:00

Autism Parents Collective Unite Making A Huge Difference

Parents of autistic special needs children are uniting, openly sharing their fears, daily struggles and mixed thoughts without a feeling of being judged, by simply getting themselves involved, the interaction blogging with other parents in similar situations slowly begins to help lift that huge weight felt by the majority of parents off their shoulders. Subscribe Today. Free! Impartial advice and tips, Get Involved and make a difference  https://autismparentcollective.co.uk/

Posted 2020/08/10 21:16:47

Action needed to stop the use of killer robots, report says

Calls are growing for an international ban on the creation of killer robots, which could pose a "grave threat to humanity".

Posted 2020/08/10 12:06:00

Terminally ill Canadians win right to use magic mushrooms for end-of-life stress

Four terminally ill Canadians have won the right to take psychedelic drugs to treat end-of-life anxiety and distress.

Posted 2020/08/10 09:23:00

Scientists try to create first rhino test tube baby to save near-extinct species

The long days of summer offer little escape for the scientists of Berlin's Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research.

Posted 2020/08/09 11:10:00

Trump steps up war against TikTok with new executive order

Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning any US transactions with the Chinese company that owns the video-sharing app TikTok.

Posted 2020/08/07 02:14:00

Brilliant Work! Autism Collective


Posted 2020/08/06 21:44:34

Hidden penguin colonies discovered in Antarctica

Eleven new colonies of emperor penguins have been discovered in Antarctica, scientists have revealed.

Posted 2020/08/05 13:58:00

Beirut blast: What is ammonium nitrate and why is it so dangerous?

If, as seems to be the case, the Beirut explosion was caused by thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse, the blast demonstrates the deadly potential of this common agricultural chemical.

Posted 2020/08/04 23:41:00

Samsung unveils latest gadget line-up - including new gaming and foldable phones

Samsung has revealed its new premium flagship smartphone, the Note 20, alongside the new S7 tablet, Galaxy Watch 3, a new foldable handset, and its redesigned Galaxy Buds.

Posted 2020/08/04 15:38:00

Twitter faces $250m fine for misusing phone numbers and email addresses

Twitter could be facing a fine of up to $250m (£190m) for misusing users' personal information.

Posted 2020/08/04 12:20:00

Google unveils new low-cost Pixel 4a smartphone

Google has unveiled its new low-cost Pixel 4a smartphone and announced future devices including the Pixel 5.

Posted 2020/08/04 09:50:00

New York in two hours and Sydney in five - Virgin gives first look at supersonic jet project

Virgin Galactic has revealed designs for a supersonic passenger plane capable of flying three times the speed of sound.

Posted 2020/08/04 03:01:00