New COVID study warns hospitalised patients need quicker brain scans

Approximately one in 100 patients hospitalised with COVID-19 develop complications of the central nervous system, according to a new study which urges quicker brain imaging for patients.

Posted 2021/11/29 10:47:00

Increasing fears over risk of new Omicron variant impacting Christmas

There are growing fears a newly discovered COVID-19 variant, said to be potentially more dangerous than the one causing waves of infection around the world, could impact Christmas.

Posted 2021/11/27 09:22:00

Google blinks first in 11-month privacy showdown with UK regulator

The UK markets watchdog said on Friday it had secured additional commitments from Google in its 11-month-long tussle over the technology giant's privacy plans.

Posted 2021/11/26 10:51:00

Extinction Rebellion targets Amazon warehouses in Black Friday protest

Amazon's largest UK warehouse is being blockaded by climate activists in Black Friday protests.

Posted 2021/11/26 07:30:00

Motorbike vibrations can damage iPhone cameras, Apple Warns

Motorbike vibrations can cause damage to iPhones, Apple has said.

Posted 2021/09/13 13:28:00

Rock samples found by rover reveal alien life may have existed on Mars, says NASA

Rock samples on Mars collected by the Perseverance rover "reveal a potentially habitable sustained environment" existed on the planet, meaning alien life could have too, according to NASA scientists.

Posted 2021/09/13 09:09:00

Royal Navy unveils vision of the autonomous fleet of the future

The Royal Navy has unveiled a vision of what the British fleet could look like in the future, including an enormous flying drone station based in the stratosphere and an underwater flagship vessel.

Posted 2021/09/12 15:51:00

Tougher penalties considered for nuisance calls and text messages

Tougher penalties are being considered for nuisance calls and text messages.

Posted 2021/09/09 17:46:00

New cancer-fighting discovery identifies patients who respond better to immunotherapy

A new discovery in the fight against cancer could increase the number of people surviving the disease.

Posted 2021/09/09 13:41:00

Facebook and Ray-Ban launch range of smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook and Ray-Ban have announced new smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories are launching on Thursday in three different models, five colours, and with a range of lenses - including prescription - retailing for £299 in the UK.

Posted 2021/09/09 12:33:00

Smoke alarm activated onboard Russian module on the International Space Station

A smoke alarm was activated onboard Russia's service module on the International Space Station, space agency Roscosmos said on Thursday.

Posted 2021/09/09 08:13:00

Polar bear inbreeding increasing as Arctic sea ice melts

Arctic sea ice loss is causing an increase in inbreeding among polar bears that are struggling to survive in these habitats, a new study has found.

Posted 2021/09/08 08:37:00

First underwater footage of critically endangered Angelshark recorded in Wales

Scientists have recorded footage of a juvenile Angelshark in the UK for the first time, offering hope that the critically endangered species is breeding in Welsh waters.

Posted 2021/09/07 08:39:00

White dwarf stars are meant to be dead - but astronomers have just found some that are still alive

Scientists have uncovered evidence that white dwarf stars - previously believed to be inert - may in fact simply be ageing much more slowly by burning hydrogen on their surface, challenging a major technique astronomers use to determine stellar ages.

Posted 2021/09/06 15:15:00

UK to urge G7 to adopt new method to tackle pop-up cookie nuisance

Data protection authorities across the G7 are to be urged to tackle nuisance cookie consent pop-ups, which critics say are not fit for purpose.

Posted 2021/09/06 11:54:00

Protests and confusion as El Salvador set to make Bitcoin legal tender

El Salvador is set to become the first country in the world to make the cryptocurrency Bitcoin legal tender, with a recently passed law to take effect from tomorrow.

Posted 2021/09/06 09:21:00

Sperm, eggs and embryo freezing limit to increase to 55 years

Frozen sperm, eggs and embryos will be able to be stored for up to 55 years under planned changes to UK fertility rules.

Posted 2021/09/06 06:11:00

Apple delays launch of controversial child safety features

Apple has announced that it is delaying the rollout of controversial child safety features which it had planned to launch later this year.

Posted 2021/09/03 13:15:00

Firefly rocket explodes moments after first launch

The first voyage of Firefly Aerospace's new rocket, named Alpha, ended with an explosion moments after lift-off.

Posted 2021/09/03 09:42:00

WhatsApp hit with record €225m fine for breaching EU privacy regulations

WhatsApp has been fined a record €225m (£193m) after it was found to have breached EU data protection rules.

Posted 2021/09/02 13:22:00