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Attempt to loosen Northern Ireland abortion law reaches UK Supreme Court

LONDON (Reuters) - An attempt to change the law in Northern Ireland to allow abortions in cases of rape, incest or serious malformation of the foetus reaches the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday after years of legal wrangling.


Posted 2017/10/24 09:33:49

Harry Potter still casting his spell over Bloomsbury revenues

LONDON (Reuters) - Harry Potter is continuing to work his magic for publisher Bloomsbury 20 years after his debut, with special editions of his first adventure helping revenue rise 15 percent.


Posted 2017/10/24 09:29:03

FTSE falters on Whitbread wobble

LONDON (Reuters) - Firmer commodities-related stocks failed to keep the UK's top share index out of negative territory as results depressed Whitbread, though small cap Carillion saw its shares boosted by progress with its debt.


Posted 2017/10/24 09:14:12

Toshiba weighing options in case chip unit sale not completed by March

CHIBA CITY, Japan (Reuters) - Toshiba Corp said it is considering various measures in case the $18 billion sale of its chip unit does not close by the end of the financial year and leaves the embattled conglomerate short of funds needed to ensure it stays listed.


Posted 2017/10/24 09:07:39

Singer Billy Joel becomes father again at 68

American singer Billy Joel is celebrating the birth of his third child at the age of 68, his second with 35-year-old wife Alexis.

Posted 2017/10/24 08:05:00

Thai king set for five-day funeral year after death

Thailand is preparing to bid farewell to the country's revered former ruler, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, more than a year after he died.

Posted 2017/10/24 07:07:00

Amazon rivals turn to legal fine print to stem Whole Foods strategy

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Whole Foods Market met a new foe this summer during talks to lease a top retail space in a San Francisco mall: the Target next door.


Posted 2017/10/24 06:11:19

Doing the heavy lifting - investors eye tech-tonic shifts for Europe’s industrials

LONDON (Reuters) - Investment funds seeking to invest at the intersection of Europe and technology are finding rich pickings in places that some may find surprising: sprawling industrials like trains-to-turbines Siemens and engineering group ABB .


Posted 2017/10/24 06:01:38

Kim Jong Nam murder suspects back at airport

Two women accused of killing of North Korean leader King Jong Un's half-brother have been brought back to where the attack took place.

Posted 2017/10/24 01:41:00

Transition to be agreed with Brexit trade deal - May

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May signalled on Monday that any Brexit transition deal would be put together as part of a wider trade agreement - potentially stripping companies of the time they need to prepare to leave the European Union.


Posted 2017/10/23 19:20:15

Russian journalist stabbed in studio attack

A prominent Russian journalist at one of the country’s leading radio stations has been stabbed in the neck by an assailant who burst into the broadcaster’s studios.

Posted 2017/10/23 12:33:00

Charges dropped against Dubai Briton

A British man sentenced to jail in Dubai for touching a man's hip has had the charges against him dropped, his representatives have said.

Posted 2017/10/23 10:22:00

Spain urges Catalonia secessionists to obey Madrid

BARCELONA (Reuters) - The Spanish government on Sunday urged Catalans to accept direct control from Madrid and ignore instructions from the restive region's secessionist leadership once it has been removed from power.


Posted 2017/10/22 15:25:59

Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill envoy after outrage

GENEVA/LONDON (Reuters) - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been removed as a goodwill ambassador, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday following outrage among Western donors and rights groups at the appointment.


Posted 2017/10/22 15:10:02

Italians vote in autonomy referendums in shadow of Catalonia crisis

MILAN (Reuters) - Two wealthy regions of northern Italy began voting on Sunday in referendums for autonomy, ballots that could fan regional tensions in Europe at a time when neighbouring Spain is striving to prevent Catalonia from breaking away.


Posted 2017/10/22 14:31:47

British woman dies after boat crash in France

A British woman has died after a boat she was travelling in violently struck a beacon on the Rhone River in the south of France.

Posted 2017/10/22 13:07:00

Airbus turmoil overshadows bid to rescue CSeries

PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus's coup in buying a $6 billion(£4.55 billion) Canadian jetliner project for a dollar stunned investors and took the spotlight off a growing ethics row last week, but internal disarray has raised questions over how smoothly it can implement the deal.


Posted 2017/10/22 12:18:51

WHO rescinds Mugabe ambassador role

The World Health Organisation has reversed its decision to make Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador.

Posted 2017/10/22 12:03:00

Buddhists in Myanmar protest Rohingya return

Hundreds of hard-line Buddhists, including monks, have protested against a plan by Myanmar's government for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to return to the country.

Posted 2017/10/22 11:17:00

Charging rhino injures suspected poacher

A suspected poacher was left injured after a rhino he was tracking suddenly appeared and charged at him.

Posted 2017/10/22 10:59:00