Another failed landing for SpaceX Starship as rocket breaks apart, but fog hides cause of explosion

SpaceX has suffered another failed landing for its prototype Starship spacecraft, as the rocket broke up in thick fog right before touchdown in Texas.

Posted 2021/03/30 15:16:00

Science teacher and data engineer win multimillion dollar tickets on space flight

The last two multimillion dollar spots on the three-day SpaceX flight into orbit have been filled by a science teacher and a data engineer.

Posted 2021/03/30 13:10:00

PayPal to launch cryptocurrency checkout service

PayPal is to launch a cryptocurrency service, initially allowing consumers in the US to spend a range of currencies when making purchases with millions of online merchants globally.

Posted 2021/03/30 10:01:00

Mice (and even people) really could have the ability to become toxic, snake venom scientists say

Mice and even people could have the potential to become venomous, according to new research.

Posted 2021/03/29 20:15:00

Australia cyber attacks hit television channel and parliament

A cyber attack has disrupted Channel Nine's live broadcasts from Sydney, the TV company has confirmed, at the same time as an attack led to Parliament House's email system being taken offline.

Posted 2021/03/28 15:03:00

Boy finds 480 million-year-old fossil using set he got for Christmas

A six-year-old boy has found a fossil up to 488 million years old while digging in his garden with a fossil-hunting set he received for Christmas.

Posted 2021/03/27 20:18:00

More than 100 years before asteroid Apophis may hit Earth, says NASA

New observations from NASA have determined that the asteroid Apophis, which was thought to pose a risk to impacting Earth in 2068, actually won't come close to hitting us for at least a century.

Posted 2021/03/27 15:56:00

Thierry Henry shows social media red card until racist abuse tackled

Thierry Henry will disable his social media accounts and says he will not return until those in charge treat racist abuse with the same seriousness as they approach copyright infringement.

Posted 2021/03/26 14:16:00

The Last of Us Part II wins Game of the Year at Baftas while Hades takes five gongs

The Last of Us Part II and Hades were the big winners at Thursday night's Bafta Game Awards.

Posted 2021/03/26 09:46:00

Banks and insurers to face toughest cyber stress tests to date

Britain's biggest banks and insurance companies are to face the toughest test to date of their resilience to a major cyberattack under plans being assembled by the Bank of England.

Posted 2021/03/25 14:37:00

Miscarriage linked to higher risk of early death, study suggests

Miscarriage could be linked to early death in women, researchers have said.

Posted 2021/03/24 22:03:00

Experts savour £4,000 bottle of wine that spent a year in space - and reveal what it tastes like

Researchers in Bordeaux are analysing a dozen of bottles of French wine and snippets of grapevines which have returned to Earth after spending a year at the International Space Station.

Posted 2021/03/24 12:55:00

You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, says Elon Musk

Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk has said that the company will now be directly accepting Bitcoin from consumers wishing to purchase cars.

Posted 2021/03/24 09:59:00

Penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns scientist

Penises are shrinking and genitals becoming malformed because of pollution, an environmental scientist has warned in a new book detailing the challenges facing human reproduction.

Posted 2021/03/24 09:12:00

NASA prepares its Ingenuity helicopter for first flight on Mars

NASA has announced the earliest date it hopes its Ingenuity Mars helicopter will be able to make its first attempt at a controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet.

Posted 2021/03/24 06:40:00

Norton antivirus sued over auto-renewing subscriptions

Antivirus software company Norton is being sued by the UK's competition watchdog for refusing to provide information for an investigation into auto-renewing contracts.

Posted 2021/03/23 11:05:00

Energy companies are not reporting hacks to regulator

A cyber security law introduced three years ago was meant to boost the resilience of the UK's energy sector by obliging gas and electricity firms to report when they were hacked.

Posted 2021/03/23 10:22:00

Army to shrink to its smallest size since the 1700s under sweeping defence plans

The size of the British army will be reduced to 72,500 personnel, and the RAF will have its air cargo and personnel carriers drastically cut as part of the biggest overhaul of the armed forces in decades.

Posted 2021/03/22 14:28:00

Biden picks space shuttle specialist to head NASA

President Joe Biden has picked former space shuttle payload specialist Bill Nelson to lead NASA over the course of his administration.

Posted 2021/03/22 10:45:00

Trump plans social media comeback - with his own platform, ex-adviser claims

Donald Trump plans to launch his own social media platform in two-three months' time, it is claimed.

Posted 2021/03/21 23:46:00