Europe threatens digital taxes without global deal, after U.S. quits talks

France said a U.S. decision to quit global talks on how to tax big digital firms such as Google , Amazon and Facebook was a "provocation" and the European Union said it could impose taxes even if no deal was reached by year-end.


Posted 2020/06/18 11:34:12

Italy wants a global agreement on digital tax by end of 2020: Economy Minister

Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri said on Thursday Italy was still committed to a shared global deal on a tax on digital services, after the United States decided to quit global talks on how to tax sector giants.


Posted 2020/06/18 11:33:26

Quarter of new COVID-19 cases missed by contact tracers

At least a quarter of people who test positive for COVID-19 in the UK are being missed by contact tracers following up who they could have transmitted the virus on to.

Posted 2020/06/18 10:26:00

U.S. senators unveil bill to curb foreign espionage, influence on campuses

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators unveiled legislation on Thursday aimed at protecting research and innovation on U.S. campuses and prevent suspected theft of intellectual property by China and other countries.


Posted 2020/06/18 10:12:04

EU ready to go it alone on taxation of digital firms

The European Union is ready to go it alone with taxing digital services of firms like Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple if there is no global deal on such a tax this year, European Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on Thursday.


Posted 2020/06/18 10:01:52

Spain will not accept threats over digital tax - govt spokeswoman

Spain and its European allies will not accept any threats over a proposed tax on internet giants' revenues, government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero said on Thursday, a day after Washington decided to pull out of talks on the matter.


Posted 2020/06/18 10:01:52

Vatican urges Catholics to drop investments in fossil fuels, arms

The Vatican urged Catholics on Thursday to disinvest from the armaments and fossil fuel industries and to closely monitor companies in sectors such as mining to check if they are damaging the environment.


Posted 2020/06/18 09:55:40

Twitter introduces voice tweets for audio messaging

Twitter is introducing a new voice tweet feature, allowing users to share 140 seconds of audio with each other.

Posted 2020/06/18 08:40:00

Top U.S, China diplomats meet in Hawaii amid frayed ties

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, in Hawaii on Wednesday amid a deep deterioration of ties between the strategic rivals, their first face-to-face meeting since last year.


Posted 2020/06/18 04:19:54

U.S. weekly jobless claims remain high, second wave of layoffs blamed

A second wave of layoffs amid weak demand and fractured supply chains is likely keeping new U.S. applications for unemployment benefits elevated, supporting views that the economy faces a long and difficult recovery from the COVID-19 recession.


Posted 2020/06/18 04:06:52

Trump says U.S. will not lock down again amid rising coronavirus cases

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States would not close businesses again as several states reported rising numbers of new coronavirus infections.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:56:49

China tells U.S. to stop interfering in its affairs, work to repair relations

China's top diplomat told his U.S. counterpart that Washington needed to respect Beijing's positions on key issues, halt its interference in issues such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang and work to repair bilateral relations.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:48:58

Atlanta police officer charged with murder in shooting death of Rayshard Brooks

An Atlanta police officer was charged on Wednesday with murder for the shooting death last week of Rayshard Brooks in a fast-food parking lot, while a fellow officer facing lesser charges has agreed to testify against his colleague.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:34:43

U.S., China discuss need for full transparency to fight coronavirus

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi on Wednesday and discussed the need for full transparency and information sharing between the two nations to combat the coronavirus pandemic and prevent future outbreaks.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:27:49

China says it must improve hygiene in markets after Beijing outbreak

Low standards of hygiene in China's wholesale food markets and vulnerabilities in its food supply chain need to be urgently addressed after a new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing, a leading body of the ruling Communist Party said.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:25:25

Global stocks retreat on rising second wave fears

Asian stocks and Wall Street futures fell on Thursday as spiking coronavirus cases in some U.S. states and China crushed hopes of a quick global economic comeback from the pandemic.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:18:34

China says top diplomat Yang held constructive talks with Pompeo

China said on Thursday its top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held constructive discussions during their meeting in Hawaii and that the two sides agreed to continue engagement and communication.


Posted 2020/06/18 03:09:36

Trump signs bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown

China threatened retaliation after U.S. President Donald Trump signed legislation on Wednesday calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighurs, as excerpts from a book by his former national security adviser alleged he had approved of their mass detention.


Posted 2020/06/18 02:47:28

Defectors prepare packages to send to North Korea despite growing tensions

A North Korean defector-led group on Thursday prepared hundreds of plastic bottles stuffed with rice which they plan to float into North Korea, despite a legal challenge from South Korean authorities and threats from Pyongyang.


Posted 2020/06/18 02:37:32

China warns of countermeasures in response to U.S. Uighurs law

China on Thursday warned of countermeasures in response to U.S. President Donald Trump signing legislation calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighur Muslims, demanding that Washington stop interfering in its affairs.


Posted 2020/06/18 02:27:32