Democrats maneuver to end shutdown, without Trump wall money

Democrats in the House of Representatives are planning a vote on Thursday on a funding package to end the 10-day-old partial U.S. government shutdown without providing the $5 billion President Donald Trump has demanded for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.


Posted 2018/12/31 22:30:42

Factbox: Departments hit by partial U.S. government shutdown

Shuttered U.S. government agencies remained closed on Monday as Democrats in the House of Representatives readied legislation intended to reopen the government that would not meet President Donald Trump's demand for $5 billion to fund a border wall.


Posted 2018/12/31 22:30:42

Trade optimism lifts stocks, but 2018 ends in red

Equities around the world rose on Monday as possible progress in resolving the trade dispute between the United States and China engendered some investor optimism in what has been a punishing end of year for markets.


Posted 2018/12/31 21:36:44

Bangladesh PM Hasina rejects complaints of rigging after landslide win

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday rejected opposition complaints of vote rigging and said people had gone to the polls enthusiastically in a general election that her ruling alliance swept with a landslide.


Posted 2018/12/31 21:13:55

Oil posts first year of losses since 2015

Oil prices ended with full-year losses for the first time since 2015, after a desultory fourth quarter that saw buyers flee the market over growing worries about a supply glut and mixed signals related to renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran.


Posted 2018/12/31 21:11:55

Turkish TV shows purported transfer of Khashoggi remains

A Turkish pro-government television channel has broadcast video showing men carrying suitcases purportedly containing the remains of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi into the residence of his country's consul general in Istanbul.


Posted 2018/12/31 19:03:47

Seven dead, dozens trapped under rubble after Russian gas blast: agencies

As many as 40 people could still be trapped in the rubble of a Russian apartment block that partially collapsed in a gas explosion on Monday, killing at least seven people, news agencies reported.


Posted 2018/12/31 18:12:59

Russia detains U.S. citizen in Moscow for suspected spying

Russia's FSB state security service said on Monday it had detained an American citizen suspected of spying in Moscow and had opened a criminal case against him.


Posted 2018/12/31 18:04:14

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Posted 2018/12/30 23:19:15

Bangladesh PM Hasina records big victory amid vote rigging claims

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's ruling party won Bangladesh's election with a thumping majority, the country's Election Commission said early on Monday, giving her a third straight term following a vote that the opposition rejected as rigged.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:47:21

Congo opposition cries foul after presidential poll blighted by mishaps

The main opposition camps in Congo's presidential election on Sunday complained of widespread irregularities after a chaotic vote disrupted by long queues, broken voting machines and torrential rain.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:24:50

Graham more upbeat on Syria troop withdrawal after Trump meeting

A senior Republican U.S. senator said he emerged from a White House meeting with President Donald Trump on Sunday reassured that Trump is committed to defeating Islamic State even as he plans to withdraw American troops from Syria.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:08:40

Iraq hints at bigger role in Syria after U.S. withdrawal

Iraq's prime minister said on Sunday that top security officials from Baghdad had met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, and hinted at a bigger Iraqi role fighting Islamic State militants as U.S. troops withdraw from Syria.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:08:40

Graham says Trump committed to smart Syria withdrawal

Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said President Donald Trump reassured him about his plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and his commitment to defeating Islamic State during a White House meeting on Sunday.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:07:04

Republican Senator Graham says Trump receptive to shutdown deal idea

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that he was optimistic that Republicans, Democrats and President Donald Trump could reach a deal to end a government shutdown that includes border wall funding and legal status for some undocumented immigrants.


Posted 2018/12/30 22:03:22

Israel protests after Jordanian spokeswoman steps on its flag

Israel protested to Jordan on Sunday after the spokeswoman for the government in Amman was photographed stepping on the Israeli flag during a meeting with trade unionists.


Posted 2018/12/30 21:41:16

Venezuela offers help probing alleged planned attack on Colombia president

Venezuela's government is willing to help investigate a plot to assassinate Colombian President Ivan Duque, in which three Venezuelan nationals arrested in Colombia may be suspects, foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said.


Posted 2018/12/30 19:59:06

Ebola-hit Congolese town stages mock vote to protest at ban

Residents of an Ebola hotspot in eastern Congo staged a mock presidential election on Sunday to show the authorities a decision to postpone the vote there due to health fears was unfounded.


Posted 2018/12/30 19:34:49

Border patrol chief defends agents in child deaths

The head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Sunday defended his agents' handling of two sick children who died in their custody, saying they did everything they could to get medical help for them in difficult circumstances.


Posted 2018/12/30 19:28:48

GE drags premier U.S. corporate debt, which posts worst year since 2008

The stock market's gyrations have grabbed the year-end headlines, but another key financial market, investment-grade U.S. corporate debt, is turning in its worst yearly performance since the financial crisis a decade ago.


Posted 2018/12/30 19:19:19