TikTok teens and K-pop fans claim responsibility for half empty Trump rally

Teenagers on TikTok and K-pop fans have claimed responsibility for the lack of supporters at Donald Trump's campaign rally.

Posted 2020/06/21 10:28:00

Apple closing 11 US stores after rise in coronavirus cases

Apple is closing 11 stores in four US states due to a rise in coronavirus cases, just weeks after reopening them.

Posted 2020/06/19 19:03:00

Farmers call for green trade policy to help tackle climate change

The government should be pursuing a green trade policy in the wake of COVID-19 and Brexit, if it is serious about tackling climate change, according to the National Farmers' Union.

Posted 2020/06/19 17:24:00

U.S. lawmakers offer bill to block Trump from German troop withdrawal

U.S. congressional Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to block President Donald Trump's plan to remove 9,500 troops from close ally Germany by prohibiting funding for a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Europe without congressional approval.


Posted 2020/06/18 14:42:12

S&P 500, Dow dip on rising virus cases, elevated jobless claims

The S&P 500 and Dow retreated on Thursday as an uptick in coronavirus infections in parts of the United States threatened to upend bets of a swift economic recovery, with data showing weekly jobless claims remained elevated.


Posted 2020/06/18 14:34:22

U.S. labor market recovery stalling; second wave of layoffs underway

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell last week, but the pace of decline appears to have stalled amid a second wave of layoffs as companies battle weak demand and fractured supply chains, supporting views that the economy faces a long and difficult recovery from the COVID-19 recession.


Posted 2020/06/18 14:27:33

U.S. senators unveil bill to curb foreign espionage, influence on campuses

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at protecting research and innovation on U.S. campuses and preventing suspected theft of intellectual property by China and other countries.


Posted 2020/06/18 14:18:23

Democrats consider next steps after Bolton revelations on Trump

Democratic lawmakers on Thursday said they were considering next steps, including a subpoena, on how to respond to allegations by former top White House aide John Bolton that President Donald Trump sought foreign help to get re-elected.


Posted 2020/06/18 14:05:23

Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of JFK, is dead at 92

Jean Kennedy Smith, the last surviving sibling of slain President John F. Kennedy, who as U.S. ambassador to Ireland in the 1990s played a pivotal role in the Northern Irish peace process, died on Wednesday at age 92.


Posted 2020/06/18 13:53:56

Europe threatens digital taxes without global deal, after U.S. quits talks

The European Union said on Thursday it could impose taxes on digital giants such as Google , Amazon and Facebook even without a global agreement by the year-end, after Washington quit talks and stoked fears of a new trade war.


Posted 2020/06/18 13:37:23

Germany wants to rescue talks with U.S. on digital services tax

Germany wants to rescue talks with the United States on how to tax big digital firms such as Google , Amazon and Facebook , the finance ministry said on Thursday after Washington pulled out of the negotiations.


Posted 2020/06/18 13:35:00

Shunning international tax talks could trigger trade war: OECD

Failure to work towards an international deal on taxing big digital companies could trigger a dangerous trade war, the OECD said on Thursday, urging countries to remain engaged in talks after Washington announced it was pulling out of them for now.


Posted 2020/06/18 13:30:34

Biden launches first major advertising campaign in battle against Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden launched his first major advertising blitz in six battleground states on Thursday as he intensified his effort to defeat President Donald Trump in November's election.


Posted 2020/06/18 13:10:57

UK ditches contact tracing app to move to Google-Apple model

The UK is abandoning its existing contact-tracing app and switching to the technology provided by Google and Apple.

Posted 2020/06/18 12:46:00

Government ditches contact-tracing app to move to Google-Apple model

The government is abandoning efforts to develop its own coronavirus contact-tracing app in order to focus on technology from Apple and Google.

Posted 2020/06/18 12:46:00

Jean Kennedy Smith, former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and last surviving sibling of JFK, is dead at 92: NYT

Jean Kennedy Smith, a former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and the last surviving sibling of President John F. Kennedy, died on Wednesday at age 92, the New York Times reported.


Posted 2020/06/18 12:41:57

U.S. weekly jobless claims remain high as second wave of layoffs hits industries

A second wave of layoffs amid weak demand and fractured supply chains is keeping new U.S. applications for unemployment benefits elevated, supporting views that the economy faces a long and difficult recovery from the COVID-19 recession.


Posted 2020/06/18 12:38:50

World stocks drift lower as second wave virus fears mount

Global stocks drifted lower on Thursday as an increase in new coronavirus cases in some U.S. states and China crushed hopes of a swift world economic comeback from the pandemic.


Posted 2020/06/18 12:23:27

China finds heavy coronavirus traces in seafood, meat sections of Beijing food market

China has found the trading sections for meat and seafood in Beijing's wholesale food market to be severely contaminated with the new coronavirus and suspects the area's low temperature and high humidity may have been contributing factors, officials said on Thursday.


Posted 2020/06/18 12:12:29

Bolton says Trump unfit for office as book alleges sweeping misdeeds

Donald Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton said the U.S. president is unfit for office, according to interview excerpts released on Thursday after portions of the top aide's upcoming book revealed a withering portrayal of his ex-boss.


Posted 2020/06/18 12:07:46