Ex-pro female footballers urgently needed for research into dementia link

A neurologist is asking female ex-professional footballers to take part in his study, as he fears dementia could be an even bigger issue for women who play the game than men.

Posted 2020/11/24 18:43:00


Twitter is now warning users when they attempt to 'like' a disputed tweet as part of its efforts to tackle misinformation.

Posted 2020/11/24 11:47:00

Darwin notebooks worth millions which went missing 20 years ago reported stolen

Two Charles Darwin notebooks, believed to be worth millions of pounds, have been reported stolen from Cambridge University Library 20 years after they were last seen.

Posted 2020/11/24 09:17:00

New law unveiled to make UK 5G network safer

A bill that would give the government greater powers to shut out high-risk vendors from the UK's telecoms infrastructure will be put before parliament on Tuesday.

Posted 2020/11/23 21:54:00

Experimental COVID drug used on Trump receives emergency approval

An experimental drug used by Donald Trump when he had COVID-19 has received emergency approval by US health authorities.

Posted 2020/11/22 15:35:00

Apple to pay $113m settlement after admitting slowing down older iPhones

Apple will pay $113m (£85m) to settle a case alleging it deliberately deceived consumers by slowing down older iPhones to help extend the life of their batteries.

Posted 2020/11/19 08:25:00

Oxford vaccine produces strong immune response in older adults, early results show

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University produces a strong immune response in older adults, data from early trials has shown.

Posted 2020/11/18 21:10:00

US Navy intercepts intercontinental missile over Pacific for first time

A missile fired from a US Navy warship in the Pacific Ocean successfully intercepted a test intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time, the US military has announced.

Posted 2020/11/18 10:25:00

Revealed: The multi-billion pound business of the Oxford vaccine

The Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine is a collaboration between a pharmaceutical giant and an ancient institution aiming to become as adept at monetising its discoveries as it is at making them.

Posted 2020/11/17 15:29:00

Apple products worth £5m stolen from lorry in motorway robbery

A manhunt is underway after £5m of Apple products were stolen from a lorry on the M1, police have said.

Posted 2020/11/17 11:02:00

NASA SpaceX mission: Dragon capsule docks with International Space Station

A SpaceX vessel carrying four astronauts has docked with the International Space Station (ISS).

Posted 2020/11/17 05:14:00

New technology is helping self-isolating parents see their newborn children

Born at just 28 completed weeks of pregnancy, twins Zaki and Mileka were premature and suffered from multiple health conditions, which were a cause of serious concern for their parents.

Posted 2020/11/16 23:14:00

NHS Test and Trace publishes guidance for COVID-19 app glitch on iPhones

Many iPhone users are experiencing issues with getting the NHS COVID-19 app to launch on their phones.

Posted 2020/11/16 22:29:00

Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds, study finds

Mouthwash is able to kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds of exposure to it in a laboratory, a scientific study has found.

Posted 2020/11/16 20:05:00

Playing video games can be good for your mental health, study finds

Playing video games can be good for your mental health, new research suggests.

Posted 2020/11/16 07:42:00

From sci-fi to reality: UK wants to use lasers to beam down energy from the sun

From an idea first mooted in 1941, the UK has launched research into whether solar power in space could be beamed back to Earth as a sustainable energy source.

Posted 2020/11/13 13:22:00

Ticketmaster fined for losing payment card details

Ticketmaster has been fined £1.25m for losing more than a million British customers' payment card details in a data breach in 2018.

Posted 2020/11/13 11:29:00

Rise of anti-vax content online could keep the UK from reaching herd immunity, research shows

The scientific battle to get a vaccine may be nearing the end but there is another fight looming - convincing the public to get inoculated.

Posted 2020/11/12 21:53:00

Xbox launch causes record broadband usage in UK

The launch of the new Xbox consoles on Tuesday caused a record demand for broadband data, according to some of the UK's leading internet service providers.

Posted 2020/11/12 14:03:00

One in five COVID-19 patients develop psychiatric disorder, says study

One in five people who survive COVID-19 will be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder within 90 days, according to a study examining the pandemic.

Posted 2020/11/12 11:26:00