A fifth fundamental force of physics has been suggested by muon experiment

A scientific experiment has produced evidence researchers believe points to a previously undiscovered fundamental force of physics.

Posted 2021/04/08 12:37:00

Apple to start enforcing privacy notifications that upset Facebook

Apple said it will introduce over the coming weeks a new privacy notification that will enable users to prevent companies such as Facebook from tracking their activity on other apps and websites.

Posted 2021/04/08 09:47:00

Perseverance rover takes selfie with Ingenuity helicopter

NASA's Perseverance rover has taken a selfie on the Martian surface capturing itself and the Ingenuity helicopter ahead of the first attempt at flight on an alien planet.

Posted 2021/04/08 07:25:00

Changes to NHS Test and Trace app mean everyone will now have to check in

Changes to the way we check in to venues on the NHS Test and Trace app have been made ahead of the reopening of hospitality from Monday.

Posted 2021/04/07 13:20:00

Stranger Things stars join YouTubers and Jimmy Fallon for Among Us stream

Stranger Things stars Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp were among the names joining US chat show host Jimmy Fallon for a charity stream of Among Us.

Posted 2021/04/07 09:20:00

China clamps down on Bitcoin mining where some can earn £60,000 a day

From the outside, it looks like the sort of huge industrial site typical of West China. A dry, dusty corner of the country where 3,000 people are at work.

Posted 2021/04/06 12:52:00

Yahoo Answers is shutting down - here are 10 of the best questions ever asked

Yahoo Answers is going to be shut down after more than 15 years of providing the web with hilarious content.

Posted 2021/04/06 09:22:00

Mars helicopter Ingenuity survives first night alone ahead of flight

The mini-helicopter Ingenuity has survived its first night alone on the Martian surface detached from the Perseverance rover.

Posted 2021/04/06 08:07:00

New breast cancer jab cuts treatment time from two-and-a-half hours to five minutes

A new breast cancer jab that will take just five minutes to administer will not only cut down on hospital staff time - but also reduce the COVID infection risk for patients.

Posted 2021/04/04 14:23:00

Details of 11 million UK Facebook users found on website for hackers

Details of more than 500 million Facebook users - 11 million from the UK - have been found on a website for hackers.

Posted 2021/04/04 10:36:00

Mysterious rumblings from inside of Mars detected by NASA lander

Scientists at NASA have reported an exciting detection by its Insight lander on Mars - mysterious rumblings coming from the interior of the planet.

Posted 2021/04/02 11:56:00

Global dark web drug network properties raided in North East and Surrey

Properties linked to an organised crime group responsible for selling MDMA on the dark web have been raided by officers from the UK's National Crime Agency and US Homeland Security.

Posted 2021/04/02 09:47:00

Climate change has impacted agricultural productivity growth by 21% since 1960s

For the first time researchers have quantified the impact of man-made climate change on global agricultural productivity, finding that the sector is 21% down from where it would have been.

Posted 2021/04/02 08:29:00

Uber ordered to pay $1.1m to blind woman who was refused rides 14 times

Uber has been ordered to pay $1.1m (£790,000) to a blind woman who was refused rides on 14 separate occasions.

Posted 2021/04/02 08:11:00

Melting ice sheets caused global sea levels to rise up to 18 metres

Researchers have discovered that melting ice sheets have already caused enormous sea-level rises, pushing oceans around the world higher by up to 18 metres at the end of the last ice age.

Posted 2021/04/01 09:04:00

NASA says COVID-19 caused $3bn of delays to space missions

Delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic have cost NASA almost $3bn since last March, a report says.

Posted 2021/04/01 07:39:00

Scientists find a way to collect human DNA from thin air

In a breakthrough proof-of-concept test, scientists have managed to take human DNA samples from the air, which could have applications in forensic investigations.

Posted 2021/03/31 14:06:00

Rising number of celebrities selling video messages during pandemic - with some bizarre requests

Ever wanted some words of support from your football hero? How about help with a marriage proposal from a famous musician?

Posted 2021/03/31 08:37:00

Facebook to let users turn off algorithm powering News Feed

Facebook is to allow users to turn off the algorithm powering its News Feed and control the order items appear amid growing calls for algorithmic transparency.

Posted 2021/03/31 08:25:00

Deliveroo shares lose a quarter of their value on London stock market debut

Deliveroo shares have slumped as much as 30% as the takeaway delivery company made its highly-anticipated stock market debut.

Posted 2021/03/31 07:13:00