Revealed: Test and Trace barely used pub and restaurant check-in data, putting thousands at risk

Data from hundreds of millions of check-ins by people who visited pubs, restaurants and hairdressers before lockdown was barely used by Test and Trace, according to a confidential report obtained by Sky News.

Posted 2021/03/04 08:08:00

WhatsApp introduces video and voice calls on desktop version

WhatsApp is allowing users to make video and voice calls on their desktop for the first time.

Posted 2021/03/04 07:26:00

Keen to leave Earth? Japanese billionaire seeks eight people to join his SpaceX crew

A Japanese billionaire has launched a search for eight people to join him as the first private passengers on a trip around the moon.

Posted 2021/03/03 08:01:00

Scientists find three new shark species that glow in the dark

Scientists have found three new deepwater shark species that can glow in the dark.

Posted 2021/03/03 03:28:00

This virus will keep evolving - and that makes international travel risky

There is an adage from the world of terrorism that equally applies to the emerging new variants of COVID-19.

Posted 2021/03/01 12:27:00

Sunak to hail reforms aimed at luring tech giants

Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, will this week welcome a report that will call for major reforms to the London stock market's listings regime in a bid to encourage more technology 'unicorns' to go public in the UK.

Posted 2021/03/01 11:42:00

Twitter to let users charge monthly fee for exclusive content

Twitter is to let people charge their followers for extra content with a new feature called Super Follows.

Posted 2021/02/25 21:37:00

Perseverance rover takes 11 million earthling names to Mars

Nearly 11 million people landed on Mars last week - even if it was just in names only.

Posted 2021/02/25 15:00:00

Cyberpunk 2077 suffers more issues after cyber attack delays fix

A scheduled release of fixes for the troubled Cyberpunk 2077 game have been delayed following a cyber attack on the creator's internal systems.

Posted 2021/02/25 09:49:00

Australia passes new law to make Google and Facebook pay for news content

Australia has passed a new law that will force tech companies - including Google and Facebook - to pay for news content.

Posted 2021/02/25 05:48:00

GCHQ says AI can help UK combat disinformation attacks

GCHQ has said it believes it can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help expose disinformation attacks by hostile foreign states trying to undermine the UK's democracy.

Posted 2021/02/24 20:52:00

NHS facing legal challenge over data deal with controversial Silicon Valley firm

The NHS is facing a legal challenge over its data deal with controversial Silicon Valley firm Palantir, Sky News can reveal.

Posted 2021/02/24 11:33:00

Olympic star creates cycling glasses that allow riders to see behind them

An Olympic gold medallist has created specialist glasses that give cyclists eyes at the back of their heads.

Posted 2021/02/24 09:56:00

Streaming bosses defend models but seem open to exploring change at inquiry

Spotify, Apple and Amazon bosses have defended their music streaming models to a government inquiry investigating how revenue is distributed - but agreed they would potentially be willing to "get together" as an industry to explore options.

Posted 2021/02/23 16:43:00

Hair loss identified as long-term symptom of coronavirus - with women most at risk, study says

Nearly a quarter of COVID-19 patients suffer from hair loss within six months of infection, with women at greater risk, according to a new study.

Posted 2021/02/23 13:30:00

Facebook to lift block on news pages in Australia as standoff ends

Facebook will lift a block on news pages in Australia following a week-long standoff between the social media giant and the government. 

Posted 2021/02/23 05:26:00

Cancer survivor, 29, will become youngest American in space on all-civilian flight

A 29-year-old bone cancer survivor is set to become the youngest American in space when she joins SpaceX's first all-civilian flight. 

Posted 2021/02/23 04:09:00

Greetings from Mars: NASA releases new pictures captured by the Perseverance rover

NASA has released new pictures captured by the Perseverance rover after its dramatic touchdown on Mars.

Posted 2021/02/22 17:58:00

Perseverance rover moments before touchdown among new images of Mars released by NASA

NASA has released new images of the Perseverance rover two metres above the surface of Mars as it gave more details of the mission.

Posted 2021/02/19 17:21:00

First black hole ever detected more massive than first thought

The first black hole that humanity ever discovered is much more massive than previously thought, according to new research.

Posted 2021/02/19 12:37:00