Royal Mail to trial drones to deliver items from mainland UK to Isles of Scilly

Royal Mail will trial the use of drones to deliver health and safety equipment, COVID-19 testing kits and other items to the Isles of Scilly.

Posted 2021/05/10 02:00:00

Wine that spent more than year in space orbiting Earth could fetch $1m

A bottle of wine that spent more than a year orbiting Earth on the International Space Station has been put up for sale.

Posted 2021/05/04 13:05:00

3D technology could see heart disease patients diagnosed and treated five times faster

Life-threatening coronary heart disease could be diagnosed and treated five times faster with the help of new 3D technology.

Posted 2021/05/03 22:51:00

Billionaires Bill Gates and wife Melinda to get divorced after 27 years

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are to get divorced, he has said.

Posted 2021/05/03 20:37:00

Apple faces Epic Games in court trial which threatens control over App Store

Technology giant Apple is facing a trial that threatens to upend its control over its lucrative App Store.

Posted 2021/05/03 11:10:00

International child abuse site with 400,000 users busted by authorities

One of the world's biggest international darknet platforms for child sexual abuse images has been busted with more than 400,000 users, German prosecutors have said.

Posted 2021/05/03 09:29:00

SpaceX crew splashes down back to Earth after historic space station mission

The four astronauts of SpaceX's first full mission to the International Space Station (ISS) have splashed back down to Earth off the coast of Florida.

Posted 2021/05/02 06:58:00

Prince William backs social media blackout against online abuse

Prince William has backed the boycott of social media this weekend to protest against online abuse.

Posted 2021/04/30 09:44:00

London City becomes first major airport to control air traffic remotely

London City Airport has become the first major international airport to control air traffic remotely.

Posted 2021/04/29 21:33:00

Why are PS5s and other gadgets in short supply? It comes down to chips - and it could get worse

Stuck at home during lockdown, you've spent a lot of time on your phone.

Posted 2021/04/29 11:59:00

Household aerosols now release more harmful smog chemicals than cars, study finds

Household aerosols such as air fresheners, deodorants and furniture polish have overtaken cars as a source of smog polluting chemicals in the UK, a new study has found.

Posted 2021/04/29 06:48:00

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies aged 90, his family says

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins has died aged 90, his family has said.

Posted 2021/04/28 16:42:00

Dixons Travel stores to close affecting 400 staff - after airside tax-free shopping axed

Dixons Carphone is to close its airport store business, affecting 400 staff, after the government stopped tax-free airside shopping at the start of January.

Posted 2021/04/28 09:55:00

Self-driving cars could be allowed on UK motorways by the end of this year

Self-driving cars could be allowed on UK motorways by the end of this year.

Posted 2021/04/28 02:20:00

Russian hackers target US police in apparent ransomware attack

Russian hackers breached Washington DC police department's database and have threatened to share information with criminal gangs unless it pays an unspecified ransom.

Posted 2021/04/27 06:05:00

Warning of space junk impact with SpaceX capsule was false alarm

A review has been launched after a warning to the four astronauts on the SpaceX capsule of a potential collision with orbiting space junk turned out to be a false alarm.

Posted 2021/04/26 21:25:00

Sister of boy, 6, who had skull fractured by e-scooter rider calls for under-21 ban

The sister of a six-year-old boy who suffered a fractured skull after being hit by an e-scooter rider has called for a ban on the devices for under-21s.

Posted 2021/04/26 11:55:00

Elon Musk to host Saturday Night Live - but not everyone is excited

Elon Musk is to host the US comedy show Saturday Night Live in May.

Posted 2021/04/25 01:51:00

US panel recommends resuming Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

A US medical panel has recommended resuming use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Posted 2021/04/23 21:00:00

Giant cloud rat species once roamed Earth thousands of years ago, say scientists

"Cute" fluffy, bushy tailed rats twice the size of grey squirrels once roamed Earth thousands of years ago, scientists have discovered.

Posted 2021/04/23 15:30:00