Another COVID vaccine set to enter production within weeks - and UK has 60m doses ordered

Production of the coronavirus vaccine developed by French firm Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will begin within weeks, the firms have said.

Posted 2021/05/27 08:41:00

Pollution-free electricity moves a step closer to reality thanks to British scientific breakthrough

The dream of pollution and radiation-free electricity derived from nuclear fusion could be a step closer to reality thanks to a breakthrough by British scientists.

Posted 2021/05/25 23:49:00

Gene therapy breakthrough helps blind man regain some vision - after 40 years

A blind man has regained some vision in one eye thanks to an innovative treatment using genetic engineering and light-activated therapy.

Posted 2021/05/24 16:21:00

Police arrest eight men on suspicion of sending fake Royal Mail texts

Eight people have been arrested in a series of raids as part of police investigations into scam text messages.

Posted 2021/05/24 10:28:00

Virgin Galactic rocket ship soars to fringe of space as company aims to offer tourist flights

Virgin Galactic has made its first rocket-powered flight from New Mexico to the fringe of space in a manned shuttle.

Posted 2021/05/22 17:34:00

Bitcoin faces biggest one-day slump since last year as China announces curbs

Bitcoin's price has fallen sharply after China announced curbs on cryptocurrency transactions.

Posted 2021/05/19 15:45:00

Pfizer jab can now be stored in a fridge for one month, regulator says

The length of time the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine can be kept unopened in a fridge has been increased from five days to one month.

Posted 2021/05/18 06:17:00

Emergency alerts for terror attacks, floods and other disasters to be sent directly to your phone

People in the vicinity of a terrorist attack, flooding and other risks to life will receive alerts on their mobile phone under plans being developed by the government.

Posted 2021/05/15 21:59:00

Tesla driver may have had car on Autopilot while posting videos before fatal crash

A man killed in a car crash may have had his Tesla on Autopilot while posting social media videos of himself, police have said.

Posted 2021/05/15 20:44:00

Santander apologises for problems with app, ATMs, cards and other services

Santander has apologised after the bank's telephone, branch, online and card services all experienced major issues on Saturday, leaving customers unable to access accounts or even buy food at the supermarket.

Posted 2021/05/15 13:25:00

Major ovarian cancer screening trial fails to show any reduction in deaths

Screening the population regularly for ovarian cancer did not reduce deaths from the disease, a UK study has found.

Posted 2021/05/13 06:55:00

Tesla owner arrested after repeatedly riding in the back seat while it was on autopilot

A motorist who was spotted in the back seat of his Tesla as it travelled down a San Francisco Bay Area freeway has been arrested for reckless driving.

Posted 2021/05/13 01:22:00

Tesla stops payment by Bitcoin because of the impact on the environment

Tesla has halted the use of Bitcoin to pay for its vehicles because of the environmental impact of using the currency.

Posted 2021/05/12 23:33:00

COVID-19 can infect penis tissue and could lead to erectile dysfunction - study

COVID-19 can infect tissue in the penis and potentially contribute to erectile dysfunction, researchers have found.

Posted 2021/05/12 21:16:00

Instagram adds option to show pronouns on profile

Social media platform Instagram has added the option for people to show pronouns on their profile.

Posted 2021/05/12 13:38:00

Amazon wins legal battle over EU demand for £214m in back taxes

Amazon has won a legal fight with the European Union (EU) over an order it had tp pay €250m (£214m) in back taxes to Luxembourg.

Posted 2021/05/12 13:35:00

Gov says new online safety bill will keep people safe but not everyone is convinced

The government says its new internet laws will help keep children safe and combat racism and other abuse.

Posted 2021/05/12 02:27:00

Tech firms could face fines over harmful content in new online safety bill

The government says its new internet laws will help keep children safe and combat racism and other abuse.

Posted 2021/05/12 02:27:00

Drivers warned not to panic buy petrol amid shortages after cyber attack on vital US pipeline

Petrol stations in America's eastern states are starting to run low after supplies were hit by a ransomware attack on a crucial pipeline.

Posted 2021/05/11 16:07:00

Time for a new favourite drink? Climate change threatens future of tea, research warns

Climate change could be about to impact a British institution - by changing the taste of a cup of tea, research has warned.

Posted 2021/05/10 08:06:00