Suspect held after possible poisoning of Game Of Thrones video game tycoon

A suspect has been detained over the potential poisoning of the billionaire founder of a Chinese company that makes a Game Of Thrones video game, police in Shanghai have said.

Posted 2020/12/28 19:24:00


As the internet gets more complex so do the techniques used by hackers. It is very sad but we simply can not ignore there are people as we talk fanatics out there just wanting to ruin everyone's day, whether it be for political, activism, terrorism, or just a hobby the tech giants have to find new ways to combat all this mess before it spirals out of control, it's about users using their common sense, and listening to the guidelines, protecting each other, but at the same time being able to feel safe and secure whilst surfing the net, or sending emails to family and friends without getting too technical, If we strip the back to the basic techniques used even back in WW1 and WW2 the enemy were eventually defeated, Just imagine amongst all the mayhem destruction it was almost impossible to identify everyone who were actual allies and who were the foes. That is why the introduction to III Phase Authentication aim is to make life even more difficult making cyber warfare a thing of the past, Keep doing what you do, enjoy using the internet just remember to stay alert, report suspicious emails and activity, we are all in this together, and we will defeat all potential hackers If you enjoyed this article and want to receive updates on this post, simply email us at: register@g2alphabet.london  Stay Safe 

Posted 2020/12/27 22:48:26

Finally Giants working together

From the very first post when GoogleSlice was formed it's main aim was to ensure fair play, by providing a free website to check whether users and website owners were actually getting their slice of the market? It was only a matter of time when the giants would eventually realise although they dominate their market which is evolving every day by the new introduction of the many innovative concepts, on top of all this to secure continuity, they were very much pro active ensuring the protection of their users which we are all grateful for, but no matter how big their companies are they were all up against finding a solution to combat cyber warfare, Finally after all these wasted years and no doubts lots of wasted revenue by simply working together they can cut the costs and finally share such costs which would be an even bigger annual budget towards making cyber attacks a thing of the past. a recent article clearly shows they do in fact need each other when it comes to security as one of the Giants had been breached, as shown on our sub news feed through a Reuters News feed https://g2alphabet.london At last the Giants working together will make the internet a safer place.

Posted 2020/12/26 21:48:37

Trials begin of antibody treatment that could prevent COVID-19 in those recently exposed

A new antibody treatment is being trialled amid hopes that it could prevent people from developing COVID-19 after being exposed to the disease.

Posted 2020/12/25 23:03:00

New mineral discovered on rock mined in Cornwall over 200 years ago

A new dark green species of mineral has been discovered by scientists examining a rock which was mined in Cornwall around 220 years ago.

Posted 2020/12/23 10:11:00

I tried to sell Tesla to Apple, says Elon Musk

Tesla boss Elon Musk has revealed he once attempted to sell his electric car company to Apple.

Posted 2020/12/23 07:03:00

Tech giants unite against company accused of WhatsApp hack

Some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including Google and Microsoft, have joined Facebook's legal battle against the private spyware company NSO Group.

Posted 2020/12/22 13:53:00

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey unfollows Donald Trump

Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey has unfollowed Donald Trump's personal account just a few weeks ahead of the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden.

Posted 2020/12/22 10:28:00

Apple set to launch electric car production by 2024

Apple has made advances in its secret self-driving car project and is set to launch production by 2024, according to reports.

Posted 2020/12/22 09:51:00

Facebook removes app features over privacy rules

Facebook has removed a number of features from its Instagram and Messenger apps in Europe due to what it says is an update to EU privacy rules - including security features it uses to scan for child abuse content.

Posted 2020/12/21 11:48:00

Blood pressure readings should be performed on both arms

New research has produced "robust evidence" that a difference in blood pressure readings between arms is linked to a greater risk of heart attacks, strokes and death.

Posted 2020/12/21 09:35:00

Meteor shower and conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in busy night for stargazers

Stargazers will be able to see the year's final display of shooting stars tonight.

Posted 2020/12/21 04:10:00

Russia hacking hit UK organisations, security source says

A small number of UK organisations are known to have been affected by a suspected Russian hacking campaign that has also penetrated top secret US government agencies.

Posted 2020/12/18 20:14:00

Mike Pompeo blames Russia for hacking of US government which also affected UK

A senior member of Donald Trump's administration has accused Russia of carrying out a massive cyber hack that penetrated top secret US government agencies.

Posted 2020/12/18 20:14:00

Eli Lilly eyes stake in AI drug developer BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI, the British-based technology company which uses artificial intelligence to aid the drug discovery process, is close to securing a major strategic investment from Eli Lilly, the global pharmaceutical giant.

Posted 2020/12/18 11:25:00

30,000 tremors have rocked Antarctica since the end of August, scientists say

More than 30,000 tremors have rocked Antarctica since the end of August, according to new research.

Posted 2020/12/17 11:36:00

British inventor wins prize for revolutionary wheelchair design

A British inventor and entrepreneur has won a $1m (£740,000) prize to help him continue to develop a revolutionary ultra-light, stable carbon fibre wheelchair.

Posted 2020/12/17 10:15:00

Apple hits back after Facebook attack on new privacy feature

Apple has responded to Facebook after it attacked a new privacy feature the iPhone-maker is set to rollout next year.

Posted 2020/12/17 09:47:00

First moon samples for more than 40 years brought back to Earth

A Chinese lunar spacecraft capsule has returned to Earth with the first fresh samples of rock and debris from the moon in more than 40 years.

Posted 2020/12/16 21:46:00

Facebook slams Apple over new privacy measures

Facebook has launched a broadside attack against Apple for a new feature which will allow users to opt-in to whether the apps they use can access their data for advertising purposes.

Posted 2020/12/16 16:12:00