Risk of blood clot after COVID is eight times higher than after AstraZeneca jab - study

The risk of developing a blood clot after having COVID-19 is eight times higher than after being given the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, according to a study by Oxford University.

Posted 2021/04/15 10:39:00

Some pieces of digital art are selling for millions of dollars. Is this a fad... or is it the future?

"I know you can be underwhelmed and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"

Posted 2021/04/15 09:49:00

Coinbase makes splash on market debut with $99.6bn valuation

The cryptocurrency exchange coinbase started trading on Wednesday at a valuation of nearly $100bn (£72bn), in a major boost to supporters of digital currencies such as bitcoin.

Posted 2021/04/14 18:06:00

Streamer breaks Twitch record after broadcasting live for 31 days

A video game streamer has broken the record for the highest amount of paid subscribers on the platform Twitch, after broadcasting live for 31 days.

Posted 2021/04/14 13:54:00

CMA clears £31bn merger between O2 and Virgin Media

The £31bn merger between Virgin Media and O2 has been provisionally cleared by Britain's competition watchdog.

Posted 2021/04/14 06:50:00

Babyboo Instagram advert on Halloween fashion banned for objectifying women

A paid-for Instagram post by retailer Babyboo Fashion has been banned for being likely to cause serious offence by objectifying women.

Posted 2021/04/14 06:29:00

Facebook takes down official page for French town called Bitche

Facebook has been criticised after taking down the official page for the French town of Bitche.

Posted 2021/04/13 09:48:00

Siri appears to leak Apple special event planned for 20 April

Apple has not yet announced when its next special event will be, but the news appears to have leaked to the company's voice assistant Siri.

Posted 2021/04/13 08:33:00

Nasal spray could prevent COVID virus invading human cells

A biotech company comprised of scientists from the University of Bristol is launching a bid to start a clinical trial of a nasal spray treatment for the coronavirus.

Posted 2021/04/12 16:54:00

NHS COVID-19 app update blocked for breaking privacy rules

An update to the NHS COVID-19 app has been delayed after it was blocked by Apple and Google on privacy grounds.

Posted 2021/04/12 10:12:00

Clubhouse boss denies exclusive app was hacked after user data leak

Paul Davidson, the chief executive of the panel-discussion app Clubhouse, has denied that the company was hacked following reports that user data was circulating online.

Posted 2021/04/12 09:31:00

Technical issue delays historic flight for Mars helicopter Ingenuity

The first ever flight on another planet has been delayed until at least 14 April, NASA has said, following the discovery of a technical issue with the Ingenuity mini-helicopter stationed on Mars.

Posted 2021/04/12 08:57:00

Amazon wins vote preventing Alabama warehouse workers from unionising

Amazon workers have voted not to unionise at one of the company's warehouses in Alabama in a major victory for the company.

Posted 2021/04/09 15:07:00

A fifth fundamental force of physics has been suggested by muon experiment

A scientific experiment has produced evidence researchers believe points to a previously undiscovered fundamental force of physics.

Posted 2021/04/08 12:37:00

Apple to start enforcing privacy notifications that upset Facebook

Apple said it will introduce over the coming weeks a new privacy notification that will enable users to prevent companies such as Facebook from tracking their activity on other apps and websites.

Posted 2021/04/08 09:47:00

Perseverance rover takes selfie with Ingenuity helicopter

NASA's Perseverance rover has taken a selfie on the Martian surface capturing itself and the Ingenuity helicopter ahead of the first attempt at flight on an alien planet.

Posted 2021/04/08 07:25:00

Changes to NHS Test and Trace app mean everyone will now have to check in

Changes to the way we check in to venues on the NHS Test and Trace app have been made ahead of the reopening of hospitality from Monday.

Posted 2021/04/07 13:20:00

Stranger Things stars join YouTubers and Jimmy Fallon for Among Us stream

Stranger Things stars Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp were among the names joining US chat show host Jimmy Fallon for a charity stream of Among Us.

Posted 2021/04/07 09:20:00

China clamps down on Bitcoin mining where some can earn £60,000 a day

From the outside, it looks like the sort of huge industrial site typical of West China. A dry, dusty corner of the country where 3,000 people are at work.

Posted 2021/04/06 12:52:00

Yahoo Answers is shutting down - here are 10 of the best questions ever asked

Yahoo Answers is going to be shut down after more than 15 years of providing the web with hilarious content.

Posted 2021/04/06 09:22:00