NASA completes major test on a rocket that could take humans back to the moon

NASA has completed a major test on a rocket that could take humans back to the moon.

Posted 2021/03/19 02:57:00

Whales are under significant threat from ship strikes. Could new technology save them?

Marine researchers have launched new acoustic equipment off the south coast of Ireland in a bid to prevent whales being struck by large vessels.

Posted 2021/03/19 02:02:00

Three entirely new lifeforms discovered on space station

Three new lifeforms have been discovered in different locations on the International Space Station (ISS), potentially offering researchers a new way to grow food in space.

Posted 2021/03/18 09:51:00

Facebook to label all posts about vaccines with WHO information

Facebook will add labels to all posts about COVID-19 vaccines to show additional information from the World Health Organisation.

Posted 2021/03/15 09:20:00

GCHQ issues urgent warning to businesses after suspected China hack of Microsoft

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ, is warning businesses to urgently update their Microsoft email servers following a state-sponsored espionage campaign.

Posted 2021/03/12 15:13:00

5G spectrum goes up for auction as rollout continues

An auction for portions of the 5G spectrum is beginning today with EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 the mobile networks competing to win exclusive use of slices of the airwaves for their customers.

Posted 2021/03/12 10:15:00

Bad news for people who share a Netflix account with another household

Netflix is testing a feature to clamp down on people sharing passwords with other households.

Posted 2021/03/12 00:58:00

Suffering a head injury before your 50s can lead to brain issues in later life, new study suggests

People who sustain head injuries in their 50s or younger can suffer from significant impacts to the health of their brain in later life, according to a new study led by University College London.

Posted 2021/03/11 22:46:00

Technosignatures: How scientists are looking for aliens

To date the search for alien life has been based on biosignatures - molecules or isotopes which would indicate the presence of ancient life - but new features could be the focus for this search in the future.

Posted 2021/03/11 09:58:00

EA Sports investigating whether FIFA Ultimate Team cards being sold illegally by employees

EA Sports has announced that it is investigating allegations employees are selling rare player cards following widespread concern within the FIFA 21 fanbase.

Posted 2021/03/11 09:19:00

Swallowable pill cameras to be used to spot bowel cancer tumours

Tiny cameras that are small enough to be swallowed and can film tumours in the gut are being trialled in the fight against cancer.

Posted 2021/03/11 01:30:00

UK data protection laws face reform to spur economy

The UK's data protection laws face being reformed to be more business-friendly as the government aims to spur economic growth following the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted 2021/03/10 21:42:00

Russia sues social media companies over Navalny protests

Authorities in Russia are cracking down on social media companies in the wake of protests following the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Posted 2021/03/10 14:09:00

Biden administration hires more critics of Big Tech

President Biden is peppering his administration with some of the most lauded critics of Big Tech, with a British-born legal scholar now tipped for a role at the Federal Trade Commission.

Posted 2021/03/10 11:33:00

China and Russia to build joint moon base

China and Russia have announced their intention to build a new lunar research station together, launching a new era of collaboration in space between the two countries.

Posted 2021/03/10 09:09:00

Tesla adds $100bn in value as tech stocks stage bounce-back

Tesla has led a bounce-back for US tech stocks as its shares surged by as much as 20% partly thanks to figures showing higher sales in China.

Posted 2021/03/09 21:07:00

Scientists try to predict who might become seriously ill from coronavirus

Scientists are carrying out research to try to predict who might become seriously ill from coronavirus by analysing the immune response of patients.

Posted 2021/03/09 14:53:00

Facebook to tackle coronavirus vaccine misinformation

Facebook is launching a media literacy campaign to tackle the spread of false information about the coronavirus vaccine.

Posted 2021/03/09 14:44:00

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine shows promise against Brazil coronavirus variant in laboratory testing

The Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine was able to combat the Brazil variant of COVID-19, it has been revealed.

Posted 2021/03/08 22:40:00

These sea slugs sever their own heads and regenerate new bodies

Starfish can regenerate their arms, salamanders are able to grow new tails, and axolotls re-form their spinal cords - but scientists have found sea slugs that can grow a whole new body.

Posted 2021/03/08 15:00:00