UK politicians could see lies flagged by Twitter

UK politicians could face having bright red and orange badges added beneath their tweets if they post lies and misinformation.

Posted 2020/02/21 12:58:00

Coronavirus quarantine sparks China download boom in games and apps

China's coronavirus outbreak has fuelled record downloads of apps and games by millions of quarantined households, fresh data reveals.

Posted 2020/02/21 07:13:00

Artificial intelligence uncovers powerful new antibiotic

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to discover a new type of antibiotic which could kill some of the world's most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.

Posted 2020/02/21 06:33:00

Justin Bieber among millions to have details leaked in MGM Resorts hack

Singer Justin Bieber and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey are thought to be among the 10.6 million people to have had their details leaked following the hacking of MGM Resorts.

Posted 2020/02/20 12:13:00

Copy and paste inventor Larry Tesler dies aged 74

Larry Tesler, the inventor of the computer keyboard commands cut, copy and paste, has died aged 74.

Posted 2020/02/20 07:35:00

Woman plays violin while surgeons remove tumour from her brain

A woman has undergone brain surgery while playing the violin to ensure surgeons did not damage the part which controls the fine movement of her hands.

Posted 2020/02/19 10:06:00

Teens on TikTok could have screen time limited by their parents

TikTok will be implementing new safety features, which means a parent can link their account to their child's and control the content they see.

Posted 2020/02/19 00:37:00

Google profiting from illegal weapon sales

Google is profiting from the illegal online trade of weapons including stun guns and pepper sprays, which are being advertised and delivered to offenders in the UK.

Posted 2020/02/18 16:02:00

Eggshells suggest dinosaurs were warm-blooded

The debate over whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded like modern reptiles or warm-blooded like modern birds has been reignited by a new study analysing fossilised eggs.

Posted 2020/02/18 12:17:00

SpaceX rocket crashes into sea after missing landing pad

SpaceX has lost one of its rockets after a Falcon 9 booster missed the floating landing pad.

Posted 2020/02/18 09:05:00

Apple says coronavirus will hurt iPhone production and profits

Apple has warned it will not meet its financial targets due to the impact of coronavirus on production and sales in China.

Posted 2020/02/18 07:33:00

Amazon founder commits $10bn to fight climate change

Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has pledged $10bn (£7.7bn) of his personal wealth to fighting climate change.

Posted 2020/02/17 20:05:00

Solar powered plane which could be airborne for a year completes first flight

A solar-powered electric aircraft which could stay airborne for a year has completed its first test flight.

Posted 2020/02/17 11:11:00

Tesla ordered to stop clearing trees at German factory site

Tesla has been ordered to stop cutting down trees at the site in Germany where it is planning to build its first car and battery factory in Europe - after environmentalists objected.

Posted 2020/02/17 10:19:00

Cash-paying quiz app HQ Trivia goes bankrupt

HQ Trivia, the quiz app which was meant to pay contestants cash prizes, has gone bankrupt and closed down with the quiz's host paying the final prize out of his own pocket.

Posted 2020/02/17 09:12:00

Met Office to get £1.2bn supercomputer to better predict severe weather

A supercomputer which can forecast weather and climate 18 times faster than current technology is set to be developed.

Posted 2020/02/16 21:36:00

Unreleased Nintendo PlayStation console goes up for auction

Almost 30 years after it was canned, an unreleased games console built together by industry giants Sony and Nintendo has gone up for auction.

Posted 2020/02/13 19:34:00

Airlines may need to reduce passengers to take-off due to climate change

Airlines may have to cut passenger numbers, fly to fewer long-haul destinations or only operate from airports with longer runways in the future because of global warming, scientists say.

Posted 2020/02/13 08:20:00

The real reason why COVID-19 got its name

Spanish Flu, MERS, Ebola  - names of diseases which have struck fear into people around the world because of their ability to cause death and misery.

Posted 2020/02/12 10:27:00

Ofcom set for new powers to regulate harmful social media content

Ofcom is set to be handed new powers to regulate social media companies and protect users from harmful content, the government has announced.

Posted 2020/02/12 09:06:00