5G inquiry to examine 2025 deadline promise

An inquiry into 5G networks and the UK's broadband is being launched to look at how realistic the government's pledge is to bring high-speed internet to every home and business by 2025.

Posted 2020/03/05 01:03:00

New coronavirus test in development may reveal undetected spread

A new coronavirus test being developed in the UK could provide crucial insights into how the disease spreads, according to infectious disease experts.

Posted 2020/03/04 12:37:00

Senior US senators urge UK to rethink Huawei decision

A group of senior US senators are urging the UK to reconsider allowing Huawei to build part of its 5G mobile networks.

Posted 2020/03/04 11:00:00

Coronavirus: As stocks run low, should you make your own hand sanitiser?

DIY hand sanitiser guides are flooding the internet as retailers face coronavirus-related shortages - but should you be tempted to make your own?

Posted 2020/03/04 08:38:00

Baby bumblebees brain damaged by insecticide

Certain pesticides cause permanent brain damage in baby bumblebees and may threaten the future success of colonies, researchers from Imperial College London have found.

Posted 2020/03/04 00:18:00

Conspiracy theories still being promoted despite YouTube crackdown - study

YouTube has almost completely suppressed certain conspiracy theories from being recommended to viewers on its platform, according to new research, but others are slipping past its filters.

Posted 2020/03/03 15:36:00

Girl, 11, gets R2-D2 bionic arm - and shows it off to Luke Skywalker

An 11-year-old Star Wars fan has received an R2-D2 bionic arm - and has been able to show it off to Luke Skywalker himself.

Posted 2020/03/03 09:28:00

Surge in coronavirus apps tracking spread and symptoms

Governments and citizens are using apps in an attempt to learn more about the coronavirus outbreak and prevent it spreading further.

Posted 2020/03/03 09:23:00

Apple agrees to pay $500m over claims it slowed down old iPhones

Apple has agreed to pay up to $500m (£391m) to settle a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of intentionally slowing down older iPhone models.

Posted 2020/03/03 05:55:00

Baby monitors and smart cameras can be hacked by burglars to spy on homes

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned owners of smart cameras and baby monitors that cyber criminals could access these devices if users haven't changed their default passwords.

Posted 2020/03/02 17:28:00

Child protection app denies spying on its users

Child protection app SafeToNet has denied spying on children after a news report suggested it had identified new sexual slang terms after accessing millions of children's text messages.

Posted 2020/03/02 16:06:00

SpaceX and Tesla documents leaked online by hackers

An American manufacturer which works with SpaceX and Tesla is being extorted by cyber criminals who are leaking documents relating to these companies.

Posted 2020/03/02 09:30:00

Life-size dinosaurs arrive at safari park to form new exhibition

Dozens of life-size dinosaurs which roar and have realistic skin have arrived at a safari park to form a new permanent exhibition.

Posted 2020/03/02 08:34:00

NASA images show coronavirus shutdown has cleared China pollution

NASA has published satellite images which show a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which the US space agency says is "partly related" to the coronavirus.

Posted 2020/02/29 21:30:00

Scientists detect biggest explosion since Big Bang

The biggest explosion in the universe since the Big Bang has been discovered by astronomers.

Posted 2020/02/28 07:13:00

Bowel cancer may be linked to a common gut bacteria

Researchers have discovered a potential link between a common gut bacteria and bowel cancer by analysing DNA.

Posted 2020/02/27 20:59:00

Paedophiles could be tracked down from pictures of their hands

Images of the hands of online child abusers could be key to tracking them down, according to a group of scientists.

Posted 2020/02/27 02:29:00

Tesla safety criticised after Autopilot crash

Tesla has been criticised for a lack of safeguards in its Autopilot system, following a fatal crash in California.

Posted 2020/02/26 01:10:00

Twitter suspends 70 accounts promoting presidential wannabe Mike Bloomberg

Twitter has suspended around 70 accounts for attempting to manipulate the platform in support of Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

Posted 2020/02/22 18:12:00

Celebrities turn up to protest Assange extradition

Celebrities and supporters of Julian Assange protested in Parliament Square on Saturday ahead of court hearings over his extradition to the United States.

Posted 2020/02/22 14:23:00