Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board to focus on philanthropy

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is stepping down from the company's board so he can focus on philanthropy.

Posted 2020/03/14 07:01:00

Cybercriminals target healthcare workers with coronavirus email scam

Cybercriminal gangs are targeting healthcare professionals with phishing emails about "coronavirus awareness" - part of a wave of scams capitalising on the pandemic.

Posted 2020/03/12 21:17:00

Anonymous bitcoin users try to make DIY coronavirus vaccine

A group of anonymous bitcoin enthusiasts are attempting to crowdfund their own DIY vaccine for the coronavirus, saying clinical and animal trials will need to be "hashed out by the community".

Posted 2020/03/12 11:53:00

X-rays and CT scans reveal how coronavirus kills

X-ray images and CT scans of coronavirus patients reveal how their lungs are being ravaged by the virus and filled with a sticky mucus that prevents them from inhaling because there is no space for air.

Posted 2020/03/12 09:12:00

UK announces 2% tax on Facebook, Google and Amazon

The government has confirmed it will introduce a digital services tax to collect 2% of online revenues made in the UK by companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Posted 2020/03/11 14:16:00

Coronavirus could be most contagious before symptoms occur, study suggests

People who have contracted coronavirus are at their most contagious early after becoming infected and potentially before even displaying symptoms, according to a new study.

Posted 2020/03/11 09:14:00

NASA employee tests positive for coronavirus

NASA has confirmed that one of its employees has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Posted 2020/03/10 16:06:00

PM sees off first Tory rebellion in row over Huawei

Boris Johnson has seen off his first Tory rebellion since the election in a row over Huawei's involvement in Britain's 5G network.

Posted 2020/03/10 15:40:00

Britons should access GP services digitally, health secretary warns

NHS patients should access GP services digitally with "immediate effect" because of the coronavirus outbreak, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

Posted 2020/03/10 14:23:00

Worldwide coronavirus peak will come next winter, scientific model predicts

Scientists are warning that even if coronavirus transmissions dip as we head into the spring and summer, such a reduction shouldn't be mistaken for an end to the outbreak.

Posted 2020/03/10 12:12:00

Rat race: How rodents have evolved to mirror city-dwelling humans

Humans and rats have more in common than you may think - that's according to a new study which suggests they have undergone parallel shifts in their genetic make-up in response to city life.

Posted 2020/03/08 20:40:00

Threat of COVID-19 pandemic prompts thrill of entrepreneurial enthusiasm

The rapid rise in cases of COVID-19 has met with fear, uncertainty and panic in countries across the world - with one exception: certain corners of the tech sector.

Posted 2020/03/06 23:14:00

Facebook closes London offices after employee diagnosed with coronavirus

Facebook is closing its three London offices and telling staff to work from home after an employee was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Posted 2020/03/06 16:15:00

Permira plots $10bn joint bid for eBay ads unit

Permira, the London-based private equity firm which owns Dr Martens, is plotting a $10bn (£7.6bn) takeover of eBay's classified advertising division.

Posted 2020/03/06 15:32:00

A billion Android smartphones at risk of being hacked

More than a billion Android smartphones are at risk of being hacked because they no longer receive security updates, according to consumer watchdog Which?

Posted 2020/03/06 12:44:00

Space lettuce is just as nutritious as Earth lettuce

Lettuce grown aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is just as nutritious as lettuce grown on Earth, according to NASA astronauts.

Posted 2020/03/06 11:47:00

Coronavirus: Seven essential tips if you have to work from home

You may find yourself regularly working from home over the coming weeks as employers attempt to limit staff exposure to the coronavirus outbreak.

Posted 2020/03/06 09:33:00

Tory mayor hopeful campaigned with man accused of Islamophobia

The Conservatives have been accused of ignoring institutional Islamophobia in their ranks after the party's candidate for London mayor was shown campaigning alongside a local activist under investigation for Islamophobic comments.

Posted 2020/03/05 19:01:00

Life on Mars? Organic truffle molecules discovered on Red Planet

Organic molecules found on Earth in coal, crude oil, and white truffles have been discovered on Mars, suggesting the possible existence of early life on the planet.

Posted 2020/03/05 08:55:00

Twitter tests tweets that disappear after 24 hours

Twitter is trialling a new feature that will allow some tweets to disappear after 24 hours.

Posted 2020/03/05 07:03:00