Concern after Facebook groups call for harassment of 5G engineers

Groups on Facebook have been found calling for the harassment of 5G engineers and celebrating criminal damage to mobile phone masts - despite the social network claiming to be aggressively targeting disinformation.

Posted 2020/04/16 10:15:00

Apple reveals new £419 iPhone SE to capture mid-range market

Apple has revealed its long-awaited cheaper iPhone, the SE, bringing back the look of the iPhone 8 in red, white and black.

Posted 2020/04/16 09:06:00

NASA satellites flown from staff homes during lockdown

Satellite operators are flying NASA spacecraft from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic to help prevent transmissions.

Posted 2020/04/16 08:24:00

Imagination owner makes UK pledge as China row grows

The owners of Imagination Technologies Group have committed to keeping most of its workforce in the UK in an attempt to defuse the escalating row over a state-backed Chinese investor's effort to seize control of its board.

Posted 2020/04/15 11:19:00

Suspected arsonists target mast providing Nightingale hospital

Suspected arsonists have targeted a mobile phone mast providing network connectivity to one of the new NHS Nightingale field hospitals.

Posted 2020/04/15 10:10:00

Study links COVID-19 to stray dogs eating bat meat

The coronavirus pandemic may have been started by stray dogs eating bat meat, according to a study.

Posted 2020/04/15 00:29:00

Attacks on 5G mobile masts surge over Easter

Attacks on mobile masts surged over the Easter weekend, with a further 20 suspected arson cases being reported.

Posted 2020/04/14 13:22:00

Reddit to make political advertising more transparent ahead of US election

Reddit has launched a new transparency hub where it will list details about political advertising on the site.

Posted 2020/04/14 11:44:00

Most powerful supernova in the universe discovered

An international team of astronomers has discovered a supernova which is at least twice as bright and energetic, and they believe much more massive, than any other ever spotted in the universe.

Posted 2020/04/14 08:01:00

Coronavirus patients have suffered strokes, says study

Patients with COVID-19 have suffered strokes and other neurological symptoms, according to the first scientific study to analyse the effects of the disease on the brain.

Posted 2020/04/13 13:41:00

National coronavirus testing centre only conducting 1,500 tests a day

The national coronavirus testing centre is still only conducting 1,500 tests a day, more than two weeks after it was declared open, Sky News has learned.

Posted 2020/04/11 14:17:00

The 32 funniest memes providing much-needed lockdown laughs

While the world is living through scary, uncertain times, with every aspect of normal life upended, the internet is providing the coping mechanism of comedy to see us through.

Posted 2020/04/11 11:31:00

Coronavirus vaccine could be ready in September, scientist says

A vaccine for COVID-19 could be ready as soon as September, according to a professor from Oxford University.

Posted 2020/04/11 05:20:00

Coronavirus lingers in air longer than previously thought, scientists warn

Particles carrying the coronavirus can remain in the air longer than previously thought, according to researchers.

Posted 2020/04/10 01:10:00

Trump takes break from COVID-19 crisis to sign order to mine the moon

Donald Trump paused his efforts around the growing coronavirus crisis to sign an executive order clearing the path for US to mine the moon for resources.

Posted 2020/04/08 16:31:00

Could biometric ID cards offer a lockdown exit strategy?

Identity cards have been mandatory only twice in British history - during the two world wars - moments of enormous national emergency.

Posted 2020/04/08 14:52:00

Facebook launches Tuned app for couples

Facebook has launched an app for couples called Tuned that will allow them to build a digital scrapbook.

Posted 2020/04/08 12:25:00

University to make up to 5,000 face shields per day for NHS

Engineers from a university have designed a new face shield that can be mass produced to meet the surge in demand from the NHS amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted 2020/04/08 08:06:00

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey pledges $1bn to fight coronavirus pandemic

Twitter founder and boss Jack Dorsey has set aside $1bn (£812m) in stock to help fund relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted 2020/04/08 07:00:00

Pink supermoon offers much-needed respite from COVID-19 lockdown

People across the UK have briefly emerged from quarantine to gaze at the spectacle of a pink supermoon looming over the country.

Posted 2020/04/07 21:50:00