US charges three North Korean hackers with $1.3bn theft

The United States has charged three North Korean men with stealing and extorting more than $1.3bn (£940m) from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Posted 2021/02/17 16:14:00

Rapid coronavirus testing done wrong risks dangerous consequences

Like masks and lockdowns, lateral flow tests have become a point of contention during the pandemic. A debate has raged about how and when they should be used.

Posted 2021/02/17 13:29:00

Breakthrough mRNA vaccine developed for cancer immunotherapy

Research involving messenger RNA (mRNA) has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and scientists are now reporting a new vaccine for cancer immunotherapy.

Posted 2021/02/17 12:30:00

Fortnite video game makers file EU antitrust case against Apple

Epic Games, the company behind the video game Fortnite, has expanded the territory of its ongoing dispute with Apple by filing a complaint with the European Union.

Posted 2021/02/17 11:48:00

What tech is NASA using in its Mars rover as it prepares to land?

About half of all of mankind's missions to Mars have failed, including the UK's only attempt to visit the planet in 2003, so how has NASA prepared its Perseverance rover for Thursday?

Posted 2021/02/17 09:40:00

Public warned over fake NHS vaccine invitation emails

Organised crime groups have developed a new phishing lure to fool people into handing over their financial details by claiming they have been selected to receive a treatment, exploiting the UK's successful vaccination rollout.

Posted 2021/02/16 14:53:00

Bitcoin storms past $50,000 for first time as mainstream appeal grows

Bitcoin has crossed the $50,000 (£36,000) barrier for the first time on the back of surging demand for the so-called crypto king among mainstream investors.

Posted 2021/02/16 13:09:00

Mars landing: Everything to expect and how you can watch it

In just two days, NASA's Perseverance rover will complete its seven-month journey to Mars and begin the shortest and by far the most intense stage of its mission: landing.

Posted 2021/02/16 13:00:00

Mars landing: What to expect and how you can watch it

NASA's Perseverance rover will complete its seven-month journey to Mars and begin the shortest and by far the most intense stage of its mission: landing.

Posted 2021/02/16 13:00:00

Rich countries should only eat synthetic beef, says Bill Gates

Bill Gates has urged rich nations to move to "100% synthetic beef" in order to address the greenhouse gas emissions driving global climate change.

Posted 2021/02/16 10:37:00

Hunt on to find British astronaut to go to the moon

The hunt is on for the next cohort of European Space Agency (ESA) astronauts to take part in upcoming missions, including manned missions to the moon in the 2020s and 2030s.

Posted 2021/02/16 08:58:00

New amputation surgery could leave patients with less pain and more control

A new type of surgery can help amputees control their remaining muscles and sense where their "phantom" limb is in space.

Posted 2021/02/15 23:40:00

Robots in Johannesburg hotel serve customers with COVID symptoms

A hotel in Johannesburg has introduced robot staff and says they could be used to serve customers with COVID symptoms.

Posted 2021/02/15 14:33:00

Scientists believe they have discovered where asteroid which wiped out dinosaurs came from

Scientists think they may be a step closer to understanding where the asteroid or comet that wiped out the dinosaurs came from.

Posted 2021/02/15 11:51:00

Scientists accidentally find life beneath ice shelves in the Antarctic

Scientists have stumbled upon sea life far beneath the ice shelves of the Antarctic - in a discovery which shows how creatures have "amazingly adapted" to a frozen world, according to a study.

Posted 2021/02/15 11:50:00

£4bn Darktrace float dealt blow as UBS quits

The £4bn flotation of Darktrace, one of Britain's most prominent technology companies, has been dealt a severe blow by the resignation of one of the investment banks hired to lead it.

Posted 2021/02/13 09:08:00

English football bodies demand action on racism from Twitter and Facebook

English football bodies have come together to send an open letter to Facebook and Twitter demanding action amid increased levels of abuse aimed at footballers and officials on social media.

Posted 2021/02/11 11:16:00

Chinese spacecraft becomes second to reach Mars orbit this month

China has become the sixth nation to ever reach Mars, after its dual orbiter and lander Tianwen-1 spacecraft successfully entered the planet's orbit.

Posted 2021/02/10 13:04:00

All the COVID virus in the world could fit in a can of coke, says mathematician

A single coke can would be big enough to contain all of the COVID-19-causing virus currently circulating in the world, according to a British mathematician.

Posted 2021/02/10 11:59:00

Instagram to ban accounts that send racist abuse after footballers targeted

Instagram has announced it will begin banning people who send racist abuse to others through direct messages (DMs) following complaints the company was not doing enough with its previous tactic of enforcing a time-out.

Posted 2021/02/10 11:28:00