Thousands flee as dozens killed in Syria air strikes

Thousands of Syrians have fled two major assaults which have seen dozens of people killed at opposite ends of the war-torn country.

Posted 2018/03/16 16:23:00

Eight injured as out-of-control ski lift crashes

Eight people have been injured in a ski lift accident which saw skiers hurled from their seats.

Posted 2018/03/16 16:06:00

Ex-president Zuma to be charged with corruption

South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma will be charged with corruption over a massive arms deal in the 1990s.

Posted 2018/03/16 13:47:00

Former Georgia president: West should fear Putin

One of President Vladimir Putin's longest standing opponents has told Sky News that the Salisbury attack was the consequence of Western indifference to an ever-evolving threat from Russia and that the UK was targeted because it is perceived as weak. 

Posted 2018/03/15 23:24:00

Death toll climbs to six after bridge collapse

Hope of finding any more survivors in the rubble of a collapsed pedestrian bridge in Florida has faded, officials have said.

Posted 2018/03/15 18:22:00

US enacts fresh sanctions against Russia

The US has imposed sanctions on 19 Russians for alleged interference in the 2016 Presidential election.

Posted 2018/03/15 14:37:00

How platypus milk could solve the antibiotics crisis

Platypus milk might be the antidote humanity needs to deal with antibiotic-resistant germs and diseases, according to new research.

Posted 2018/03/15 11:23:00

Pregnant YouTuber jailed for killing partner in stunt

A pregnant woman who shot dead her boyfriend in a botched YouTube stunt has been jailed for six months.

Posted 2018/03/15 09:24:00

Twins prove space travel changes your genes

Research by NASA on identical twins has revealed that being in space changes human genes.

Posted 2018/03/15 03:17:00

Afghan toddler named after US President Trump

Growing up in Kabul might seem like a tough enough prospect these days - but spare a thought for the toddler named Donald Trump.

Posted 2018/03/15 01:56:00

Merkel begins fourth term as German Chancellor

Angela Merkel has finally begun her fourth term as Chancellor after almost six months of political deadlock in Germany.

Posted 2018/03/14 09:18:00

Scientists find all galaxies rotate like clockwork

Astronomers have discovered that all galaxies, regardless of their size, rotate once every billion years.

Posted 2018/03/14 08:52:00

RT under review by Ofcom amid Russia investigation

The British broadcasting regulator has placed Russian-funded television station RT on notice following a chemical weapon attack in the UK.

Posted 2018/03/13 14:58:00

Mike Pompeo: Who is new US Secretary of State?

The man set to become the new US Secretary of State is a conservative hardliner who has grown close to Donald Trump during a meteoric career.

Posted 2018/03/13 13:36:00

Sacked Tillerson urges staff to stay in posts

Outgoing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said he will remain at the White House until the end of the month to ensure a "smooth and orderly transition".

Posted 2018/03/13 12:44:00

Charles Manson grandson wins battle over body

The grandson of cult leader Charles Manson has won a four-month court battle over the rights to his body.

Posted 2018/03/13 10:29:00

Moscow taunts UK Govt over poisoning allegations

The Russian foreign ministry has mocked allegations of its involvement in a chemical weapon attack in the UK which seriously harmed three people.

Posted 2018/03/13 10:11:00

Trade war threatens global economic rebound - OECD

An improved outlook for world economic growth will be placed at severe risk if a trade war results from US metal tariffs, a respected global forum has warned.

Posted 2018/03/13 10:04:00

Trump blocks $117bn takeover of US tech firm

Donald Trump has exercised rarely-used powers to block the hostile takeover of mobile chipmaker Qualcomm by Singapore-based rival Broadcom.

Posted 2018/03/13 05:49:00

Teen dies in third Texas package bombing

Three package bombings which have killed two people in 10 days are believed to be linked, say police in Texas.

Posted 2018/03/12 19:37:00