Amazon and Google investigated over efforts to tackle fake reviews

The competition watchdog has opened an inquiry into whether Amazon and Google are making enough effort in tackling fake reviews on their platforms.

Posted 2021/06/25 06:09:00

Squids in space! Hawaiian cephalopods to help keep astronauts healthy

Dozens of baby squid have been sent into space so scientists can see how they are affected by their journey.

Posted 2021/06/22 23:47:00

Children can report nude photos of themselves online via new tool

Under-18s worried that nude pictures and videos may end up online can now report the material using a new tool to stop it being uploaded in future.

Posted 2021/06/22 07:40:00

Cyberpunk 2077 returns to PlayStation Store more than six months after nightmare launch

Troubled blockbuster video game Cyberpunk 2077 is finally available on the PlayStation Store - more than six months after it was pulled by Sony amid complaints of bugs and poor performance.

Posted 2021/06/21 14:16:00

One million jabs booked in two days - now, social networks encouraging young people to get theirs

Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok and Reddit are involved in a new campaign encouraging more young people to get their coronavirus jab.

Posted 2021/06/21 00:40:00

Dozens of women sue Pornhub - alleging explicit videos were uploaded without their consent

Two women have told Sky News they were left feeling ashamed and suicidal after explicit videos of them were posted on the world's biggest online porn website - they claim without their consent.

Posted 2021/06/17 22:50:00

China sends three astronauts to new space station in first crewed mission for five years

China has launched its first crewed mission in five years, sending three people to its new space station.

Posted 2021/06/17 02:24:00

UFO report: Are we alone?

On the Sky News Daily podcast with Dermot Murnaghan, we examine how sightings of unidentified flying objects went from conspiracy theory to US government inquiry - after officials told American media they can't confirm or rule out alien activity. 

Posted 2021/06/16 13:11:00

What is the new COVID antibody cocktail treatment - and could it be the next weapon against the virus?

A new drug to treat COVID has been described as "very exciting" in its ability to lessen the effects of the virus in seriously ill people.

Posted 2021/06/16 08:21:00

UK trial finds new COVID treatment saves lives and cuts risk of serious illness

A trial has shown a new, experimental drug to treat COVID-19 in the worst hit patients could stop people dying.

Posted 2021/06/16 06:05:00

Even heroes need encouragement: The sci-fi game shining a spotlight on mental health

There has been a worldwide focus on mental health in recent years, with awareness campaigns attracting royal and political support - particularly during the pandemic.

Posted 2021/06/14 15:26:00

Delta variant increases hospitalisation risk but vaccine protection remains high, study suggests

The risk of being hospitalised with the Delta (Indian) variant of coronavirus is around double that of the Alpha (Kent) strain, but two vaccine doses still provide strong protection against it, new data suggests.

Posted 2021/06/14 13:48:00

Novavax COVID jab 100% effective in protecting against moderate and severe disease, trial suggests

Novavax has said its COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective in protecting against "moderate and severe disease" following its phase three trial results.

Posted 2021/06/14 09:46:00

WhatsApp launches first global ad campaign following privacy policy backlash

WhatsApp has launched its first global marketing campaign in reaction to a public backlash against a privacy policy announcement.

Posted 2021/06/14 03:52:00

Space ride with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sells for £19.8m at auction

A trip into space with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has sold for $28m (£19.8m) at auction.

Posted 2021/06/12 20:32:00

Delta variant 60% more transmissible than Alpha and more vaccine resistant

The Delta (Indian) variant is about 60% more transmissible than the Alpha (Kent) variant and vaccines are less effective against it, Public Health England has said.

Posted 2021/06/11 09:00:00

Delta variant 60% more transmissible than Alpha indoors and more vaccine resistant

The Delta (Indian) variant is 64% more transmissible than the Alpha (Kent) variant indoors and vaccines are less effective against it, Public Health England has said.

Posted 2021/06/11 09:00:00

Meat giant pays almost £8m ransom to hackers after cyber attack

The world's largest meat processing company has paid a ransom worth $11m (£7.8m) to hackers behind a cyber attack on its computer systems.

Posted 2021/06/10 07:33:00

El Salvador votes to become first country to use Bitcoin as legal tender

Bitcoin will be used as legal tender in El Salvador after President Nayib Bukele's proposals to embrace cryptocurrency were approved by congress.

Posted 2021/06/09 14:26:00

Why the UK is still some way short of herd immunity despite impressive vaccine rollout

It's antibodies that protect us from COVID-19 and the latest data from the Office for National Statistics seem to offer some hope.

Posted 2021/06/09 10:52:00