German parties agree to talks on new government

Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) have agreed to talks on a possible new government.

Posted 2018/01/03 17:24:00

Tweet deleted by Trump as Iran crisis deepens

Donald Trump has said anti-regime protesters in Iran will see "great" support from the US, following days of unrest in cities across the country.

Posted 2018/01/03 16:35:00

Computers face global slowdown due to chip flaw

A flaw in Intel microprocessors is leaving computers worldwide facing up to a 50% slowdown when performing particular tasks.

Posted 2018/01/03 09:45:00

Trump threatens to cut Palestinian aid

Donald Trump has threatened to cut aid to Palestinians in his latest Twitter posts, accusing them of not showing the US any respect.

Posted 2018/01/03 06:46:00

U.S. warns North Korea against new missile test, plays down talks

UNITED NATIONS/SEOUL (Reuters) - The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, warned North Korea on Tuesday against staging another missile test and said Washington would not take any talks between North and South Korea seriously if they did not do something to get Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.


Posted 2018/01/03 01:19:35

Trump threatens North Korea with nuclear war

Donald Trump has warned Kim Jong Un that he has a nuclear button which is "much bigger" than that of the North Korean leader.

Posted 2018/01/03 01:08:00

Asia shares eye all-time top on global growth cheer

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian stocks struck a fresh decade high on Wednesday as risk appetites were whetted by a bevy of upbeat manufacturing surveys that confirmed a synchronised upturn in world growth was well under way.


Posted 2018/01/03 00:42:09

Passenger rights group takes legal action that could block Niki sale to IAG

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A group representing airline passengers has taken legal action to shift insolvency proceedings for budget airline Niki to Austria from Germany, in a move that could endanger the sale of the Air Berlin unit to Britain's IAG .


Posted 2018/01/03 00:36:35

Former UBS Libor trader in court to challenge FCA ban

LONDON (Reuters) - A former junior UBS trader, who is challenging a plan by Britain's regulator to ban him from financial services over Libor-related conduct, is alleging in a London court this week that his actions were sanctioned and mandated by managers.


Posted 2018/01/02 23:46:39

U.S. puts Pakistan on notice - do more to stop terrorism

WASHINGTON/ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The United States accused Pakistan on Tuesday of playing a "double game" on fighting terrorism and warned Islamabad it would have to do more if it wanted to maintain U.S. aid.


Posted 2018/01/02 21:59:10

New York to install barriers to stop attacks

Some 1,500 barriers will be installed in New York City to stop vehicles from deliberately hitting pedestrians.

Posted 2018/01/02 20:01:00

BP sets $1.5 billion charge for U.S tax changes but sees long-term boost

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil giant BP will take a one-off $1.5 billion (1 billion pounds) charge to adjust to new U.S. tax rules, but expects a long-term boost from the corporate-friendly tax rates, it said on Tuesday.


Posted 2018/01/02 19:38:13

Ryanair applies for UK licence to shore up routes before Brexit

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ryanair recently applied for a British air operating licence in a move it said on Tuesday may be required to keep its small domestic UK service operating in the event of a hard Brexit.


Posted 2018/01/02 17:22:35

Iran will crush protests - but damage is done

We are seeing momentous events in Iran. For almost a decade, while much of the rest of the region has been upended with unrest, Iran has kept a lid on protest and dissent. But that lid is becoming unstuck.

Posted 2018/01/02 14:37:00

First Blue Moon eclipse in 150 years due this month

Stargazers are in for an exciting treat this month with the first total eclipse of a Blue Moon in 150 years.

Posted 2018/01/02 13:41:00

Exclusive - Russian tankers fuelled North Korea via transfers at sea: sources

LONDON/MOSCOW - Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea, according to two senior Western European security sources, providing an economic lifeline to the secretive Communist state.


Posted 2017/12/29 22:07:02

BA owner IAG to buy insolvent Austrian holiday airline Niki

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - British Airways' owner IAG said on Friday it would buy Niki, Air Berlin's insolvent Austrian holiday airline, for 20 million euros (18 million pounds) and provide additional liquidity to the company of up to 16.5 million euros.


Posted 2017/12/29 22:01:31

Thousands of Palestinians take part in anti-Trump protests

GAZA (Reuters) - Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza and the occupied West Bank for the fourth Friday in a row in protests against U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Posted 2017/12/29 21:27:24

Stock performance in 2017 points to wealth for many nations

(Reuters) - Markets bid 2017 goodbye on a modestly defensive note on Friday, but the year will be best remembered for leaving global investors wealthier.


Posted 2017/12/29 21:22:51

IS says it was behind Russia supermarket attack

Islamic State has said it was behind the bombing of a supermarket in St Petersburg on Wednesday which left 14 people injured.

Posted 2017/12/29 20:56:00