Europe’s antitrust chief confirms Android objections

… of regional antitrust rules. “I will obviously carefully consider Google’s argument … .” The leading coalition of Android antitrust complainants, gathered under the umbrella … EC antitrust investigation pertaining to Google — the long-running probe into the Google Shopping …

Posted 2016/04/20 12:10:17

Europe Sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android And Applications

… that Google has breached EU antitrust rules by: Requiring manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google… investigation under EU antitrust rules of other aspects of Google's …

Posted 2016/04/20 12:10:02

EU charges Google with Android antitrust violations

… online - Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android … antitrust rules. These rules apply to all companies active in Europe. Google … preferential treatment to Google applications (such as Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Play, etc … weeks to respond to the antitrust charges, and was facing a …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:56:51

EU Files Formal Charges Against Google Over Android Conduct -- 2nd Update

Google's behavior with Android. The EU said Google breached EU antitrust rules by requiring smartphone makers to preload Google Search and the Google

Posted 2016/04/20 11:46:13

Google charged by EU over Android antitrust breach

Google has been formally charged by the European Union for breaking antitrust … E.U. antitrust rules. Our preliminary view is that Google has abused its dominant position.” She added that, due to Google … the first time Google has been targeted over antitrust issues. It faced …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:44:53

EC files complaint against Google for Android antitrust

… against Google, alleging that the company is in breach of EU antitrust … that Google and its umbrella company Alphabet has breached European Union antitrust regulations by: forcing manufacturers to pre-load the Google Search and Google

Posted 2016/04/20 11:27:47

European officials charge Google in Android monopoly lawsuit

… new antitrust charges against the company. The European Commission said Google was … isn't the only antitrust case Google is facing in Europe … began formally investigating the Android antitrust case in April 2015. Announcing … ;s case against Google is similar to its landmark antitrust case brought …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:22:46

Here Are the Android Antitrust Charges the EU Just Threw At Google

… levied a second set of antitrust charges against it. This time … the Android operating system. Under antitrust law, Vestager said, this gives … EU charges. Google also faces a separate set of antitrust charges in … % of its global turnover for antitrust abuses in the EU, although …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:21:10

Europe files formal antitrust objections against Google over Android

… some Google apps, including Gmail, Google Search, and Google Play, on the phones. GoogleGoogle won’t take this lying down. Google already has another antitrust case … ’s likely that the Android antitrust case will linger too, but … its position. Google has also now responded to the antitrust complaint, saying …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:12:41

Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android operating system and applications

… that Google has breached EU antitrust rules by: requiring manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google… investigation under EU antitrust rules of other aspects of Google's …

Posted 2016/04/20 11:10:03

Canada Drops Google Antitrust Probe

… investigation into Alphabet Inc.’s Google after finding little evidence that … . Canada’s antitrust watchdog started a formal probe into Google’s advertising …

Posted 2016/04/20 10:38:08

EU formally lodges Android antitrust complaint

… an antitrust complaint regarding Android. The European Commission has informed Google of … has, in breach of EU antitrust rules, abused its dominant position … EU antitrust complaint is one of the biggest jokes in EU antitrust … to be tackled. This entire antitrust complaint is a complete waste …

Posted 2016/04/20 10:38:08

EU hits Google with Android app abuse charges

… to Google explaining how it has breached EU competition law. Google will … of other Google services. Vestager outlined her specific concerns that Google… is not the first antitrust case Google has had to face in … in search results after another antitrust probe found that it was …

Posted 2016/04/20 10:36:33

Google’s Skirmishes With EU’s Antitrust Regulator Since 2010

… EU antitrust chief, starts to examine Microsoft Corp.’s antitrust complaint against Google … Nokia Oyj files an antitrust complaint against Google over its Android operating … , 2016: Commission sends formal antitrust complaint to Google on its Android operating …

Posted 2016/04/20 10:28:59

Google hit with anti-trust charges over Android

… on Twitter. Anti-trust regulators accuse Google of abusing the dominance of … jeopardise a key money-spinner for Google, a unit of holding company … with Google apps such as Maps, Search and Gmail last year.          Google … Commission hitting the company with antitrust charges.

Posted 2016/04/20 10:00:51

Google Mobile Model Imperiled as EU Readies Antitrust Charges

… said. Google will probably fight, as it has other antitrust cases, and … financials. Tougher position Google has denied it breaks antitrust rules and says … a tougher sell for antitrust regulators now that Google’s web and … example is Russia, where antitrust authorities ordered Google to change agreements with …

Posted 2016/04/20 08:41:39

EU antitrust chief expected to charge Google on April 20: sources

… 's antitrust chief is expected to hit Google on April 20 … between the European Commission and Google, exposing the world's … changes to its business practices.  Google is already battling EU charges … sales on Android phones with Google apps such as Maps, Search …

Posted 2016/04/20 04:29:03

Google’s Antitrust Woes in Europe Are Likely to Grow

… also looking into whether Google broke American antitrust laws by using its … company of breaking antitrust rules or opened antitrust investigations into Google’s activities … breaking the region’s antitrust rules. Now, Google faces mounting pressure over …

Posted 2016/04/20 02:07:29

EU ready to punish Google for Android dominance

… European Union does not appreciate Google forcing OEMs to include the … ’s preparing to file antitrust charges against Google for “abusing the dominance … of the charges against Google. If found guilty, Google’s grip on … for each charge,” WSJ explained. Google requires OEMs to preinstall 11 …

Posted 2016/04/19 23:42:43

EU to Charge Google Over Its Conduct With Android

… to issue formal antitrust charges against Alphabet Inc.’s Google for allegedly … the matter said, potentially threatening Google’s position in...

Posted 2016/04/19 22:25:34