May faces new battle in parliament over Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown with rebels in her Conservative party on Wednesday after refusing to accept demands for parliament to have a "meaningful vote" on Brexit that could stop Britain crashing out of the European Union with no deal.


Posted 2018/06/19 23:05:24

UK police see no indication of terrorism in London blast

LONDON (Reuters) - British police said on Tuesday a "small number of people" were receiving medical treatment after what they described as a minor explosion likely caused by a battery malfunction at an underground station in north London.


Posted 2018/06/19 21:44:19

US pulls out of UN Human Rights Council

The United States has announced it is withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Posted 2018/06/19 21:12:00

EU leaders worried over Irish border issue in Brexit talks - draft

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders will express concern on Friday over a lack of progress in talks with London on how to avoid reimposing controls at the border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic after Brexit.


Posted 2018/06/19 17:18:05

Man who killed schoolboy with one punch spared jail

A club promoter has avoided jail after been found guilty of first degree manslaughter for killing a schoolboy with a single punch in Crete.

Posted 2018/06/19 16:55:00

Kim Jong Un on third visit to China in three months

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is beginning a two-day visit to China, following his summit with Donald Trump in Singapore last week.

Posted 2018/06/19 04:22:00

U.S., South Korea agree to suspend joint military exercise

WASHINGTON/SEOUL (Reuters) - The United States and South Korea have agreed to suspend a joint military exercise scheduled for August, South Korean and U.S. officials said on Monday, following President Donald Trump's pledge to end "war games" after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last week.


Posted 2018/06/18 22:29:20

One killed, four injured in Malmo shooting - Swedish police

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - One person was killed and four others wounded in a shooting in the coastal city of Malmo in southern Sweden on Monday night, police said.


Posted 2018/06/18 22:08:23

Bavarians put Merkel on notice to win EU migrants deal

BERLIN/MUNICH (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Bavarian allies agreed to give her two weeks' breathing space on Monday to find a European solution to a row over immigration that threatens to scupper her three-month-old coalition government.


Posted 2018/06/18 19:33:48

Brexit will give Britain more to spend on health even as payments to EU continue - May

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will have more money to spend on its health service when it leaves the European Union, even as it continues to make payments to the bloc, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.


Posted 2018/06/18 19:01:58

One dead and four wounded in Sweden shooting

One person has died and four injured in a shooting in the Swedish city of Malmo.

Posted 2018/06/18 18:59:00

Three dead and three wounded in Sweden shooting

Three people have died and three are injured in a shooting in the Swedish city of Malmo.

Posted 2018/06/18 18:59:00

Will Trump push on with family separations?

Donald Trump has had it in mind for some time.

Posted 2018/06/18 18:23:00

Myanmar officer in Reuters case broke police code by copying statements - lawyer

YANGON (Reuters) - A police witness in the case against two Reuters reporters accused of possessing state secrets in Myanmar is "unreliable," the reporters' lawyer said on Monday, because he obtained testimony from previous witnesses, in violation of police code.


Posted 2018/06/18 14:22:15

Tortured puppy shifts election agenda in Turkey

The torturing and killing of a puppy has shifted the political agenda in Turkey ahead of its general election.

Posted 2018/06/18 08:39:00

Three dead, 300 injured after Japan earthquake

A nine-year-old girl is among three people to have died following a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in and around the Japanese city of Osaka.

Posted 2018/06/18 02:46:00

Right-wing Duque wins Colombian presidency, beating leftist Petro

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Right-wing candidate Ivan Duque was elected Colombia's president on Sunday beating leftist rival Gustavo Petro in a win that allays fears the country's economic model will be overhauled but raises the prospect a peace accord with Marxist rebels will be changed.


Posted 2018/06/17 21:56:02

Mexico football fans may have caused earthquake

Mexico football fans are believed to have caused a minor earthquake as they celebrated their team's shock win over Germany at the World Cup.

Posted 2018/06/17 19:32:00

Cambodian prince injured and wife killed in crash

The former Cambodian prime minister has been seriously injured in a car crash which killed his wife and injured at least seven others on Sunday.

Posted 2018/06/17 19:17:00

World Cup holders Germany suffer shock defeat

World Cup holders Germany were dealt a huge blow in their bid to defend the title after suffering a shock defeat to Mexico in their opening match.

Posted 2018/06/17 16:08:00