Twitter is critical infrastructure - it must be secured effectively

Cryptocurrency scams are a common menace on Twitter. So, unfortunately, are incidents where individual accounts get hacked.

Posted 2020/07/16 10:00:00

Hackers take over celebrity Twitter accounts in Bitcoin scam

Several high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked in what appears to be a Bitcoin scam.

Posted 2020/07/15 21:48:00

Microplastics left by tyres and brake pads a major source of ocean pollution - study

Plastic particles left behind by vehicle tyres and brake pads are threatening ecosystems and marine life across the world, according to new research.

Posted 2020/07/15 10:30:00

Record methane levels found in atmosphere (and these guys are largely to blame)

Burping cows are a massive contributor to emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane, which has reached record levels according to new research.

Posted 2020/07/15 10:00:00

Record methane levels found in atmosphere (and burping cows are major contributor)

Burping cows are a massive contributor to emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane, which has reached record levels according to new research.

Posted 2020/07/15 10:00:00

Lord Browne quits months early as Huawei UK chairman

Lord Browne of Madingley, the former BP boss, is to step down early as the UK chairman of Huawei Technologies as it faces a government ban on involvement in the UK's 5G infrastructure.

Posted 2020/07/14 08:56:00

Pregnant YouTube star and unborn son die

Pregnant YouTube star Nicole Thea and her unborn son have died, her family has said.

Posted 2020/07/13 16:14:00

Priti Patel - For British Prime Minister

Although Boris Johnson has given 110% to try to lead U.K through this major crisis, to be honest he doesn't look at all well.Covid19 has certainly taken the wind out of him, to no fault of his own, you can see quite clearly on his face that he sincerely wants to do the best for Britain, but may be Covid19 has weakened him too much he does not seem to be able to exert himself without becoming too tired. We true Brits should all support him through these tough times, but at the same time consider whether the Home Secretary Priti Patel Would make a great British Prime Minister, She is so passionate about Britain and won't stand for nonsense off anyone, that is exactly what this country needs a straight talking Charismatic leader with strong values to make Britain Great again, if anyone can do it She Can. JC

Posted 2020/07/13 15:02:10

COVID-19 survivors can suffer damage to almost every major organ

Almost 13 million people around the world have so far tested positive for the coronavirus.

Posted 2020/07/13 14:11:00

Coronavirus immunity may only last a few months, study suggests

Immunity to COVID-19 in recovered patients may only last a few months, and it could be caught again like a common cold, according to a new study.

Posted 2020/07/13 11:32:00

Will Mars ever be habitable? Humans are sending three spacecraft as rare window opens to find out

Starting this week, humanity is sending a wave of unmanned spacecraft to Mars to see if it was ever habitable and find out if it could be again.

Posted 2020/07/13 09:07:00

Heart scans of more than half of COVID-19 patients abnormal, scientists find

Coronavirus may have a serious impact on the heart, with more than half of COVID-19 patients revealing abnormal scans, a study suggests.

Posted 2020/07/13 06:58:00

Vaccine could be ready in first half of 2021, says Imperial expert

A COVID-19 vaccine could be rolled out across the country in the first half of next year if trials are successful, according to a leading UK scientist.

Posted 2020/07/12 10:38:00

Facebook bug causes Spotify, Tinder and Pinterest apps to crash

The iPhone apps for Spotify, Tinder and Pinterest crashed for users around the world on Friday due to a Facebook bug.

Posted 2020/07/10 12:01:00

Scheme delivering COVID-19 tests to Scottish island by drone gets govt funding

A scheme using drones to deliver coronavirus test kits and medical supplies to a Scottish island has received government funding to help tackle the pandemic.

Posted 2020/07/10 08:13:00

Huawei ban could lead to mobile phone blackouts, MPs warned

There could be mobile phone blackouts across the UK if the government forces phone companies to strip Huawei out of their networks, MPs have been told.

Posted 2020/07/09 15:06:00

Scientists work out how to pinpoint drone operators like those who shut down Gatwick

Scientists have figured out how to pinpoint the location of someone flying a drone based purely on its flight path, rather than having to intercept and triangulate radio signals.

Posted 2020/07/09 10:12:00

Scientists believe piece of jawbone may belong to new dinosaur species

Scientists believe they may have stumbled on a new dinosaur species that lived in the Arctic 70 million years ago when the region was warmer than it is now.

Posted 2020/07/08 21:36:00

Twin girls joined at head separated in rare surgery

Surgeons in Italy have successfully separated conjoined twins whose skulls were fused at the back, and who are now expected to go on to live normal lives.

Posted 2020/07/08 09:19:00

Airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out - WHO

The World Health Organisation has recognised there is "evidence emerging" of airborne transmission of coronavirus, which could lead to changes of guidance on distancing.

Posted 2020/07/08 07:23:00