Baby born after womb transplant from dead donor

A mother has given birth to a healthy baby girl after surgeons implanted a womb in her body from a deceased donor.

Posted 2018/12/04 14:00:00

Presenting legal advice, May fans flames of Brexit rebellion

British Prime Minister Theresa May's government fought on Monday to defend its Brexit deal by outlining the legal basis for parliament to support its plan to leave the European Union, but instead seemed to fan the flames of rebellion.


Posted 2018/12/03 19:18:33

House of Commons speaker to rule quickly on contempt proceedings

Britain's parliamentary speaker John Bercow said he would make a decision as early as Monday evening on whether the government is in contempt of parliament for failing to release its full legal advice on Brexit.


Posted 2018/12/03 19:11:17

China made more than $1.2 trillion trade commitments - Mnuchin

China has made more than $1.2 trillion (942 billion pounds) in additional trade commitments as part of a deal reached by U.S. President Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping and Beijing has vowed to take immediate steps on those promises.


Posted 2018/12/03 18:39:49

Trump tweets China to cut tax on U.S.-made cars, revs up auto stocks

U.S. President Donald Trump said China had agreed to cut import tariffs on American-made cars, buoying shares in BMW and Daimler AG who manufacture in the United States for export to the world's biggest auto market.


Posted 2018/12/03 18:39:49

Gas-focused Qatar to exit OPEC in swipe at Saudi influence

Qatar said it will quit OPEC to focus on gas in a swipe at Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of the oil exporting group which is trying to show unity in tackling an oil price slide.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:56:21

UK watchdog cautions banks over hasty Brexit moves

International banks in Britain should resist pressure from European Union regulators to shift their non-EU business to new hubs in the bloc because of Brexit, Britain's markets watchdog said on Monday.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:47:29

Yemen talks set to start in Sweden after wounded Houthis evacuated

Yemeni Houthi officials are expected to travel to Sweden shortly for talks as early as Wednesday to end the nearly four-year-old war after the Saudi-led coalition allowed the evacuation of some of their wounded for treatment.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:36:04

U.S.-China trade truce triggers European share surge

Miners, autos, tech, and oil stocks surged on Monday, driving Europe's main benchmarks up strongly after U.S. and Chinese leaders agreed a temporary truce in a trade war.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:34:42

Shell to set sector-leading emissions targets after investor pressure

Royal Dutch Shell caved in to growing investor pressure over climate change on Monday, setting out plans to introduce industry-leading carbon emissions targets linked to executive pay.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:30:55

Britain will not be trapped permanently in a customs union - government lawyer

Britain's government is committed to the so-called backstop arrangement on the Northern Irish border after Brexit, but does not believe that it will be trapped permanently in a EU customs union, the government's Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:24:43

U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer to lead talks with China-White House

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will lead negotiations with China over tariffs, market access and structural changes to intellectual property practices over the next 90 days, the White House has confirmed, potentially signalling a harder U.S. line.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:16:53

GSK slows down UK stocks after China-U.S. trade truce

Mining and energy stocks led a rally in British equity markets on Monday after Washington and Beijing agreed a ceasefire in their trade conflict, which has upended financial markets, and oil prices surged ahead of an OPEC meeting.


Posted 2018/12/03 17:08:23

Convictions may be at risk as barrister was police informant

Hundreds of criminal convictions may be at risk after it was revealed the defence barrister involved in the cases was a police informant.

Posted 2018/12/03 15:43:00

Court tells pensioner who wanted to reduce age by 20 years: No

A pensioner who wanted to take 20 years off his official age to improve his job prospects and luck on Tinder has had his request refused.

Posted 2018/12/03 13:27:00

Scientists turn off Large Hadron Collider

The world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), has been switched off after scientists concluded a second run of experiments.

Posted 2018/12/03 12:26:00

Ukraine calls up reservists over Russian invasion fear

Ukraine's president has called-up army reservists to strengthen its defences over fears of a Russian invasion.

Posted 2018/12/03 12:04:00

Russia successfully launches rocket after October failure

Russia's space agency Roscosmos has successfully launched a manned Soyuz rocket carrying astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time since October's aborted mission.

Posted 2018/12/03 11:49:00

Petrol stations run dry after French riots

Total has warned dozens of its petrol stations have run dry in France following the worst rioting to hit the country in 50 years.

Posted 2018/12/03 11:35:00

Nigerian president denies he died and was replaced by clone

The Nigerian president has denied rumours he died following a period of ill health and was replaced by a Sudanese clone.

Posted 2018/12/03 09:11:00