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Exclusive - U.S.-supplied drones disappoint Ukraine at the front lines

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Millions of dollars' worth of U.S.-supplied drones that Kiev had hoped would help in its war against Russian-backed separatists have proven ineffective against jamming and hacking, Ukrainian officials say.


Posted 2016/12/22 06:47:38

Armed police carry out raids over Berlin attack

Heavily armed police carried out overnight raids in Berlin as a Europe-wide manhunt for the main suspect in the lorry massacre continues.

Posted 2016/12/22 05:36:00

Trump: Attacks prove I was right on Muslim ban

Donald Trump has said Monday's attacks in Berlin and Ankara proved he was right to propose curbing Muslim immigration in the US.

Posted 2016/12/22 03:37:00

Putin pays respects to murdered ambassador

Russia's ambassador to Turkey, who was murdered by a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Don't forget Aleppo", has been laid to rest at a ceremony in Moscow attended by President Vladimir Putin.

Posted 2016/12/22 01:28:00

Final evacuations from Aleppo resume in snow

The final phase of evacuations from former rebel-held parts of Aleppo is under way, with families braving the sleet and snow to leave the city.

Posted 2016/12/21 18:18:00

Google Gains Regulatory Clout

… which explicitly concluded that Google raised zero antitrust concerns. Google also happened to … commissioners interested in enforcing antitrust concerns against Google. Someone who has focused … the antitrust suit. Google can easily appeal an adverse ruling on its antitrust

Posted 2016/12/19 21:30:12

Are Google and Facebook the new monopolies?

… are two Silicon Valley giants: Google and Facebook. Monopolies are generally … his numbers are astonishing. Alphabet, Google's parent company, has … will go to Google or Facebook." American antitrust law, which aims … their content consumed. That gives Google and Facebook all the bargaining …

Posted 2016/12/19 11:38:06

Jordanian police storm castle, free tourists, operation continuing - security source

AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordanian security forces freed tourists trapped inside a medieval castle on Sunday after storming the building where armed men had taken shelter following a shoot-out with police that killed at least nine people, security sources said.


Posted 2016/12/18 18:16:51

Aleppo evacuation resumes after Syrian rebels, pro-government forces reach deal

BEIRUT/AMMAN (Reuters) - A number of buses containing fighters from east Aleppo and their families left the last rebel-held sector of the Syrian city on Sunday after a deal between rebels and pro-government forces allowed evacuations to resume.


Posted 2016/12/18 17:56:39

British Airways, union to hold talks over cabin crew strike plan

LONDON (Reuters) - Talks aimed at averting a planned Christmas strike by British Airways cabin crew will be held on Monday, conciliation service Acas said.


Posted 2016/12/18 17:53:44

Seven dead after gunmen attack Jordanian castle

Seven people, including a female Canadian tourist, have been killed in a shootout between police and gunmen in Jordan.

Posted 2016/12/18 16:10:00

Brexiteer Farage says he wants to be a bridge between UK and Trump

LONDON (Reuters) - Leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said on Sunday he wanted to be a bridge between the British government and the new U.S. administration.


Posted 2016/12/18 14:54:43

Scotland says it will unveil single market Brexit plan this week

LONDON (Reuters) - Scotland will publish proposals this week for how it can remain in the European Union's single market after Britain leaves the bloc, in order to avoid the "national disaster" of a "hard Brexit", the Scottish government said on Sunday.


Posted 2016/12/18 14:16:19

British companies absorb Brexit shock, get on with business for 2017

LONDON (Reuters) - Richard Bunce says he felt sick when voters decided to take Britain out of the European Union in June, forcing him into a emergency review of his firm's expansion plans.


Posted 2016/12/18 14:12:05

Head of U.N. nuclear watchdog says Iran showing commitment to deal

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran has shown commitment to the deal on its nuclear programme agreed with world powers, the head of the United Nations atomic energy watchdog said on Sunday, following complaints by Tehran over what it calls a U.S. violation of the accord.


Posted 2016/12/18 13:23:25

Saddam warned the US it could not govern Iraq

Saddam Hussein warned the Americans they would be unable to run Iraq after the 2003 war because they did not understand the language, the history, or the "Arab mind".

Posted 2016/12/18 12:43:00

Any transitional deal with EU should not diminish Brexit vote - minister

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain may need a transitional agreement to smooth its exit from the European Union but it should not "buy back" into too many of the bloc's regulations, Britain's trade minister Liam Fox said on Sunday.


Posted 2016/12/18 11:29:22

Dozens of migrants found in van in Croatia

Children were among dozens of migrants who had to be taken to hospital after being found in a van in Croatia.

Posted 2016/12/18 11:19:00

Woman killed after tree falls on wedding party

A woman has been killed after a large eucalyptus tree fell on a group of wedding guests taking photographs at a southern California park.

Posted 2016/12/18 08:15:00

Suicide bomber kills 49 Yemen troops in pay queue

A suicide bomber has killed at least 49 people in a blast near a military camp in the southern Yemen city of Aden.

Posted 2016/12/18 08:13:00