French presidential race tightens further as vote looms

PARIS (Reuters) - France's presidential race looked tighter than it has all year on Friday, nine days before voting begins, as two polls put the four frontrunners within reach of a two-person run-off vote.


Posted 2017/04/14 18:53:56

Sri Lanka rubbish dump landslide kills six, engulfs dozens of houses

COLOMBO (Reuters) - A rubbish dump landslide in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo killed at least six and injured 11, hospital sources said on Friday, as emergency workers dug into the mountain of trash to save survivors buried in dozens of houses.


Posted 2017/04/14 18:27:42

Thousands evacuated in Syrian swap deal

Seven thousand people have been evacuated from their homes in a coordinated population swap agreed between the Syrian government and the opposition.

Posted 2017/04/14 15:32:00

IS: No fighter killed by mother of all bombs

The Islamic State group has denied suffering any casualties when the US dropped the so-called mother of all bombs in Afghanistan.

Posted 2017/04/14 14:03:00

Briton stabbed to death in Jerusalem named

The Israeli ambassador to the UK has named a British woman stabbed to death in Jerusalem as Hannah Bladon.

Posted 2017/04/14 11:38:00

French presidential race tightens further as vote looms

PARIS (Reuters) - France's presidential election race looked tighter than it has all year on Friday, just over a week before voting opens as a new opinion poll put the four leading candidates only three percentage points apart.


Posted 2017/04/14 09:59:39

Carrie Fisher: Star Wars creator pays tribute

Star Wars creator George Lucas has paid tribute to the late Carrie Fisher at a convention celebrating 40 years of the franchise.

Posted 2017/04/14 07:43:00

Asian shares, won move south on worries over North Korea

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese and South Korean shares fell while the won currency came under pressure on Friday, as rising tensions in the Korean peninsula dented confidence in the world's economy.


Posted 2017/04/14 07:09:47

Scorpion stings man on United Airlines flight

A man has described how a scorpion fell on his head and stung him during a business-class lunch on a United Airlines flight.

Posted 2017/04/14 06:39:00

China warning as tensions over North Korea rise

China has warned that tensions over North Korea have to be stopped from reaching an "irreversible and unmanageable stage".

Posted 2017/04/14 03:21:00

Doctor faces genital mutilation charges

An American emergency room doctor faces charges of female genital mutilation on girls between the ages of six and eight.

Posted 2017/04/14 02:08:00

Biggest share of UK lenders since 2008 plan to tighten supply of consumer credit - Bank of England

LONDON, (Reuters) - More British lenders plan to rein in the supply of credit to consumers in the next three months than at any time since the 2008/09 financial crisis, according to a Bank of England survey that may add to concerns about the economic outlook ahead of Brexit.


Posted 2017/04/14 01:24:30

Canada high: Marijuana set to be legalised

Canada is set to legalise marijuana for recreational use by July next year.

Posted 2017/04/13 20:39:00

Chemical weapons experts in Turkey to investigate; UK confirms sarin use

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Global chemical weapons investigators have gone to Turkey to collect samples as part of an inquiry into an alleged chemical weapons attack in neighbouring Syria last week that killed 87 people.


Posted 2017/04/13 19:38:50

German judge authorises arrest of Iraqi detained after Dortmund blasts

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German judge authorised on Thursday the arrest of a 26-year-old Iraqi man detained after an attack on a bus carrying players of a soccer team, and prosecutors said they believed he was a member of Islamic State.


Posted 2017/04/13 19:10:57

Jihadis hanged over botched UK diplomat hit

Three Islamist extremists have been hanged in Bangladesh over the botched assassination of a British diplomat in 2004.

Posted 2017/04/13 15:01:00

Japanese, U.S. navies plan joint show of force towards North Korea

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's navy plans a joint show of force with the U.S. Navy's USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group as it steams towards the Korean peninsula aimed at deterring secretive North Korean regime from further missile tests, two sources said.


Posted 2017/04/12 04:14:26

Riddle of why shoelaces come undone solved

Engineering researchers say they have solved the riddle of why shoelaces come undone.

Posted 2017/04/12 03:58:00

Investors seek safe harbours in yen, gold, bonds on North Korea, Syria tensions

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Investors ducked for cover on Wednesday as a drumbeat of alarming geopolitical news sent the safe-haven yen and gold to five-month highs and yields on top-rated sovereign bonds to their lowest for the year so far.


Posted 2017/04/12 03:20:19

Taiwan bans the eating of cats and dogs

Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to pass legislation banning the consumption of cats and dogs.

Posted 2017/04/12 02:43:00