Root replaces Cook as England test captain

LONDON (Reuters) - Joe Root said he felt "privileged, humbled and very excited" to be named England test cricket captain on Monday, replacing Alastair Cook who resigned last week after four and a half years in charge.


Posted 2017/02/13 11:48:05

Le Pen visits scene of Nice terror attack

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has used a visit to the scene of the Nice terror attack to accuse the government of failing to tackle extremism.

Posted 2017/02/13 11:34:00

EU sees euro zone economy weaken this year, Britain to halve growth by 2018

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission said on Monday that uncertainty about U.S. policies, Brexit and elections in Germany and France would take their toll on the euro zone economy this year.


Posted 2017/02/13 11:20:36

Joe Root replaces Cook as England test captain

LONDON (Reuters) - Joe Root was appointed England's test cricket captain on Monday, replacing Alastair Cook who resigned last week after four and a half years in charge.


Posted 2017/02/13 11:11:08

Jihadist rebel groups clash in northwest Syria - monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian jihadists seen as close to Islamic State battled a rival hardline Islamist faction on Monday in northwestern Syria, a war monitor and an official with another insurgent group said, in an escalating power struggle.


Posted 2017/02/13 10:29:52

UK employers worry that EU workers will leave this year - survey

LONDON (Reuters) - More than a quarter of employers in Britain say staff members from other European Union countries have considered leaving their firms or the country in 2017 after last year's Brexit vote, an industry group said on Monday.


Posted 2017/02/13 09:51:26

New nuclear-capable missile test a success, North Korea says

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Monday it had successfully test-fired a new type of medium- to long-range ballistic missile the previous day, claiming advances in a weapons programme it is pursuing in violation of U.N. resolutions.


Posted 2017/02/13 08:53:56

Huge bushfire destroys tiny Australian community

Most of the homes in the tiny Australian community of Uarbry have been destroyed as bushfires rage in some of the hottest weather on record.

Posted 2017/02/13 07:54:00

Evacuation over structure fears at tallest US dam

Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from an area near to America's tallest dam, with officials warning that a structure failure could create a "30 foot wall of water".

Posted 2017/02/13 02:49:00

Airport evacuated as dozens hurt by toxins

Hamburg Airport had to be evacuated after an unknown toxin spread through its air conditioning system, injuring dozens of people.

Posted 2017/02/12 12:49:00

Trump or Baldwin? Newspaper uses wrong picture

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic has had to apologise to readers after it mistakenly used a photo of Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump instead of the US President himself.

Posted 2017/02/12 10:13:00

Rolls-Royce plans crewless ships by 2020

Rolls-Royce is planning to release the first of its fleet of crewless ships by 2020.

Posted 2017/02/12 09:37:00

WWII bomb forces evacuation in Greek city

Tens of thousands of people had to be evacuated in the Greek city of Thessaloniki as an unexploded World War II bomb was defused.

Posted 2017/02/12 09:12:00

Kim offers Trump his first test on N Korea

That North Korea has launched a missile is no longer particularly surprising news.

Posted 2017/02/12 08:44:00

Hunt for Hitler impersonator in Austria

Austrian authorities are investigating reports of a man appearing in public as Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, complete with the distinctive moustache, haircut and clothing.

Posted 2017/02/12 06:34:00

Turkey to hold referendum on presidency on April 16 - election board

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey will hold a referendum on April 16 on proposed changes to the constitution that would replace its parliamentary system with the executive presidency sought by Tayyip Erdogan, the head of the High Election Board announced on Saturday.


Posted 2017/02/11 10:03:56

Missing China billionaire taken from Hong Kong hotel in wheelchair - source

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Missing China-born billionaire Xiao Jianhua was whisked in a wheelchair from a luxury Hong Kong hotel in the early hours of Jan 27 with his head covered, a source close to the businessman told Reuters.


Posted 2017/02/11 09:37:59

UK to close Iraq war abuse unit, citing false claims

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's government has said it will shut down a unit investigating claims of torture and unlawful killing by British soldiers in Iraq after a law firm representing alleged victims was found to have made false claims.


Posted 2017/02/11 08:42:53

New Zealand rescuers form human chain to help stranded whales

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Whale rescuers in New Zealand linked arms in neck-deep water on Saturday to try and prevent about 200 pilot whales from stranding themselves again in a remote bay, where 300 of the animals died this week.


Posted 2017/02/11 06:19:18

Greece, lenders move closer to deal on new bailout loans

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Greece and its international lenders made clear progress on Friday towards bridging differences over its fiscal path in coming years, moving closer to a deal that would secure new loan disbursements and save the country from default.


Posted 2017/02/11 04:02:25