Met Office to get £1.2bn supercomputer to better predict severe weather

A supercomputer which can forecast weather and climate 18 times faster than current technology is set to be developed.

Posted 2020/02/16 21:36:00

Unreleased Nintendo PlayStation console goes up for auction

Almost 30 years after it was canned, an unreleased games console built together by industry giants Sony and Nintendo has gone up for auction.

Posted 2020/02/13 19:34:00

Airlines may need to reduce passengers to take-off due to climate change

Airlines may have to cut passenger numbers, fly to fewer long-haul destinations or only operate from airports with longer runways in the future because of global warming, scientists say.

Posted 2020/02/13 08:20:00

The real reason why COVID-19 got its name

Spanish Flu, MERS, Ebola  - names of diseases which have struck fear into people around the world because of their ability to cause death and misery.

Posted 2020/02/12 10:27:00

Ofcom set for new powers to regulate harmful social media content

Ofcom is set to be handed new powers to regulate social media companies and protect users from harmful content, the government has announced.

Posted 2020/02/12 09:06:00

Apple, Huawei, Samsung: How do the top phones on the market compare?

Buying a phone these days can easily set you back £1,000. So what makes the major models on the market worth that kind of cash?

Posted 2020/02/11 11:37:00

My son was murdered by a teenager he met through online gaming

One in seven young people have said it is easy for individuals to be abusive online, according to a new survey to coincide with Safer Internet Day.

Posted 2020/02/11 11:17:00

Samsung unveils next generation of smartphones

Samsung is unveiling three new smartphones at today's Unpacked event, the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, which will be launched from 13 March 2020.

Posted 2020/02/11 10:14:00

Alien radio signals detected repeating on 16-day cycle

Astronomers have detected alien signals - that is, signals from a foreign galaxy - being emitted in an unusually regular 16-day cycle.

Posted 2020/02/11 09:18:00

US charges Chinese military hackers with Equifax breach

The US has charged four members of the Chinese military with hacking into the credit rating agency Equifax and stealing the personal data of Americans as well as the company's trade secrets.

Posted 2020/02/10 15:18:00

Samsung teases new flip phone during Oscars ceremony

Samsung teased a new flip phone during this year's Academy Awards ceremony, ahead of the company's signature Unpacked event on Tuesday.

Posted 2020/02/10 11:39:00

Amazon pulls out of Barcelona show over coronavirus fears

Amazon is the latest technology company to completely pull out of attending this month's Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Posted 2020/02/10 09:10:00

Solar Orbiter blasts off to unlock mysteries of the Sun

The Solar Orbiter has blasted off from Florida on its way to unlock the mysteries of the Sun.

Posted 2020/02/10 03:23:00

AIM-listed podcaster Audioboom tunes into merger plan

The AIM-listed podcasting group backed by property tycoon Nick Candy has called in bankers to launch a strategic review that could trigger a takeover by a rival.

Posted 2020/02/08 11:37:00

Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry last year

The Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry last year, according to new analysis.

Posted 2020/02/07 09:31:00

Scientists identify possible origin of free will

The concept of free will is fundamental to human society - our legal systems are dependent on it - but neuroscientists have struggled to identify it in the human brain.

Posted 2020/02/06 14:00:00

Yarn made from human skin could be used as stitches

Scientists have developed a type of yarn made from human skin that could be used as stitches by surgeons and help repair organs.

Posted 2020/02/06 11:15:00

New fingerprint test can identify cocaine use

A new fingerprint test can identify whether people have taken or handled cocaine.

Posted 2020/02/06 09:30:00

Experts: Facebook must stop encryption roll-out to keep children safe

More than 100 child protection advocates have called on Facebook to halt the roll-out of end-to-end encryption.

Posted 2020/02/06 01:37:00

Self-driving car completes 230-mile journey across UK

A modified version of the Nissan LEAF has completed the UK's longest autonomous car journey by driving itself the 230 miles from Cranfield in Bedfordshire to Nissan's manufacturing plant in Sunderland.

Posted 2020/02/05 14:43:00