New MI5 chief named as spy who led Skripal poisoning response

A spy who led the response to the poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury has been named as the new head of MI5.

Posted 2020/03/30 12:19:00

Mercedes helps make coronavirus breathing aid as F1 joins ventilators effort

The Mercedes F1 team has helped develop a breathing aid to keep coronavirus patients out of intensive care, with a host of other rival teams having pitched in to provide UK hospitals with thousands of extra ventilators.

Posted 2020/03/30 08:01:00

Coronavirus: Cabinet talks held on video call banned by Ministry of Defence

High-level government talks on Britain's coronavirus response were held on a videoconference service that Ministry of Defence staff were banned from using just days earlier over security fears.

Posted 2020/03/26 10:15:00

Spotify pledges millions to artists hit by coronavirus outbreak

Spotify has pledged up to $10m (£8.4m) to help musicians hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Posted 2020/03/25 16:32:00

The key to making your happiness levels surge during the coronavirus lockdown

Staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak can be an isolating time for many people, with some worried about how they will manage to keep in touch with family and friends without seeing them.

Posted 2020/03/25 16:05:00

Coronavirus: How to get latest advice free on WhatsApp

A coronavirus advice campaign is being launched on WhatsApp as the government tries to battle misinformation about the pandemic. 

Posted 2020/03/25 14:21:00

NHS workers priority as coronavirus testing kits could be available soon

Millions of new coronavirus testing kits could be ready in days, rather than weeks or months, according to Public Health England.

Posted 2020/03/25 13:54:00

Daily soak in a hot bath cuts heart disease, research suggests

A nice hot bath each day could drastically reduce the likelihood of dying from heart disease or stroke, new research has suggested.

Posted 2020/03/25 01:11:00

Govt texts the nation with coronavirus lockdown orders

The government has hammered home its coronavirus lockdown message by texting the nation. 

Posted 2020/03/24 08:03:00

Could one of these four drugs help treat COVID-19?

The World Health Organisation has launched an international drug trial to find the best treatment for the coronavirus.

Posted 2020/03/23 16:05:00

YouTube and Netflix to reduce streaming quality to stop internet from breaking

YouTube and Netflix have said they will reduce the streaming quality of videos to avoid straining the internet due to the unprecedented usage during the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted 2020/03/20 09:13:00

Government using phone location data to tackle virus

The government is working with mobile network O2 to analyse anonymous smartphone location data to see whether people are following its social distancing guidelines, Sky News has learned.

Posted 2020/03/19 08:08:00

New treatment for critically ill coronavirus patients to be trialled

Doctors are to begin giving critically ill COVID-19 patients a new treatment as soon as Monday.

Posted 2020/03/18 18:56:00

Deliveroo riders say they can’t access promised hardship funds

Deliveroo couriers say they are being forced back to work when they should be self-isolating, because they are unable to access the support promised by the company, Sky News can reveal.

Posted 2020/03/18 11:56:00

How did the coronavirus start? Scientists on conspiracy theories

Scientists have analysed the entirety of the novel coronavirus' genomic sequence to assess claims that it may have been made in a laboratory or been otherwise engineered.

Posted 2020/03/18 08:59:00

How did the coronavirus start? Scientists outline their theories

Scientists have analysed the entirety of the novel coronavirus' genomic sequence to assess claims that it may have been made in a laboratory or been otherwise engineered.

Posted 2020/03/18 08:59:00

Criminals exploiting COVID-19 pandemic with email scams

Criminals are attempting to exploit the coronavirus crisis with a series of new scams related to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts have warned.

Posted 2020/03/18 05:43:00

Scientists reveal how the body fights back against coronavirus

Scientists in Australia say they have for the first time mapped how the body's immune system responds to coronavirus, an important step in the possible creation of an effective vaccine.

Posted 2020/03/18 00:46:00

Amazon stops restocking non-essential items to cope with virus demand

Amazon is suspending deliveries of non-essential goods to its warehouses in the UK and US to free up space for crucial household and medical supplies

Posted 2020/03/17 15:08:00

O2 network goes down as people work from home

The O2 mobile network has suffered an outage as large numbers of people in Britain work from home, with rival networks suggesting issues impacting them are due to O2's problems.

Posted 2020/03/17 11:40:00