Nazanin reunited with daughter after prison release

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British woman in prison in Iran, has been reunited with her daughter during a three-day release.

Posted 2018/08/23 13:15:00

Families torn apart as thousands flee Venezuela

Crowds of families sit with their cases and bags underneath the trees on the border with Colombia and Venezuela. 

Posted 2018/08/23 12:25:00

Zlatan clothing line closes after £18m loss

Former Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic's A-Z clothing line is closing down after two years following losses of £18m.

Posted 2018/08/23 02:02:00

Putin summit turned Cohen against Trump

Michael Cohen turned against Donald Trump after the President backed Vladimir Putin ahead of US intelligence services.

Posted 2018/08/22 16:40:00

Parrots can make complex economic decisions, study shows

Parrots can make complex economic decisions, at least according to German scientists.

Posted 2018/08/22 14:41:00

Dutch police identify suspect from 1998 murder

Dutch police have announced a "big breakthrough" in the 20-year-old investigation into the disappearance and death of a schoolboy who vanished from a campsite.

Posted 2018/08/22 14:38:00

Ex-Trump campaign chair found guilty of tax fraud

Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has been found guilty of bank and tax fraud.

Posted 2018/08/21 20:24:00

Taliban take 100 hostages despite ceasefire

Three buses packed with passengers were ambushed by Taliban insurgents as a proposed ceasefire started in Afghanistan.

Posted 2018/08/20 06:22:00

Elderly South Koreans to reunite with relatives in North

Dozens of elderly South Koreans have travelled to the border with the North to reunite with relatives they were separated from during the Korean War.

Posted 2018/08/20 01:15:00

Fears for climate as US relax rules on oil reserves

The Trump administration has relaxed controls on America's oil reserves in a move that makes no mention of climate change.

Posted 2018/08/19 19:06:00

Indonesian holiday island struck by second quake

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake has hit the Indonesian island of Lombok - hours after a 6.3 tremor struck the tourist destination.

Posted 2018/08/19 15:07:00

British woman saved after falling off cruise ship

A British woman has been pulled out of the sea alive 10 hours after falling from a cruise ship off the coast of Croatia.

Posted 2018/08/19 14:01:00

Italy threatens to send migrants back to Libya

Italy is threatening to return 177 migrants who have been on board an Italian coast guard ship for days.

Posted 2018/08/19 13:48:00

840 bridges in France at risk of collapsing - report

About 840 bridges across France are at risk of collapsing, an audit commissioned by the government has warned.

Posted 2018/08/19 12:23:00

Italy pledges infrastructure boost after bridge disaster

Italy will launch a national plan to make motorways, bridges and schools safe following the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, the government said.

Posted 2018/08/19 12:03:00

Probe into claim IS captor tracked down Yazidi ex-sex slave

German prosecutors are looking into an Iraqi refugee's claim her former Islamic State captor tracked her down in Germany but police could not help.

Posted 2018/08/19 06:13:00

Disease outbreaks feared in Kerala flood camps

Aid workers have said they fear outbreaks of disease as thousands of people remain stranded after Kerala's worst flooding in a century.

Posted 2018/08/18 19:48:00

Priyanka Chopra confirms engagement to Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have confirmed their engagement on social media.

Posted 2018/08/18 15:35:00

Jeers for ex-officials at Genoa bridge state funeral

Members of Italy's former government were jeered by the families of victims of the Genoa bridge collapse as four more bodies were found on Saturday.

Posted 2018/08/18 11:49:00

Pakistan and China: Will Imran Khan stick or twist?

It is a relationship "sweeter than honey". One is an "irreplaceable all-weather friend" and together, they are "iron brothers".

Posted 2018/08/18 07:47:00