Synagogue shooting: Oldest victim was 97

The oldest victim of the shooting inside a synagogue in Pittsburgh was 97, authorities have confirmed.

Posted 2018/10/28 13:26:00

South African minister: Sex tape used to blackmail me

South Africa's home affairs minister has said a video of a "sexual nature" meant for him and his wife is being used as blackmail.

Posted 2018/10/28 09:40:00

Harry and Meghan get traditional Maori welcome in NZ

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received a traditional Maori welcome on their arrival in New Zealand.

Posted 2018/10/28 06:46:00

What we know about synagogue suspect Robert Bowers

The man suspected of storming a Pittsburgh synagogue said a Jewish refugee charity brought "invaders in that kill our people" into the US.

Posted 2018/10/28 01:55:00

At least 10 killed in antisemitic shooting at synagogue

At least 10 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire during a baby naming ceremony inside a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Posted 2018/10/27 19:38:00

Straight-faced leaders make joint Syria statement

It's hard to think of anything these four leaders agree on, but they appeared together at a joint news conference in Istanbul, an hour and a half late, but waving a joint statement on Syria.

Posted 2018/10/27 18:31:00

Got enough candles? Julia enjoys 118th birthday

Live music, cake and her favourite pasta dish were all enjoyed by Julia Flores on her 118th birthday.

Posted 2018/10/27 13:56:00

Michael D Higgins wins Irish presidency by landslide

Michael D Higgins will serve a second term as Ireland's president after a landslide election win.

Posted 2018/10/27 13:02:00

Michael D Higgins wins Irish presidency by landslide

Ireland's president Michael D Higgins has secured a second term in office with a resounding victory in the country's presidential election.

Posted 2018/10/27 13:02:00

Stop the clock: Morocco ditches time change

Winter may be coming, but Morocco has decided to stop marking the changing of the seasons by turning back its clocks.

Posted 2018/10/27 10:39:00

Sir Philip Green hits back at peer who outed him

Sir Philip Green is to lodge a complaint against the Labour peer who outed him as the businessman at the centre of allegations of sexual harassment and racial abuse.

Posted 2018/10/27 09:22:00

First section of Trump border wall unveiled

America says "everything is on the table" to keep migrants out as it unveiled the first phase of a wall at the Mexico border.

Posted 2018/10/27 07:03:00

Harry and Meghan shun VIPs to sit with the crowd

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shunned the VIP area to sit with the general crowd when they watched one of the final Invictus Games events.

Posted 2018/10/27 06:58:00

Lucky winner scoops world record $1.6bn jackpot

A single ticket sold in South Carolina has scooped a world record-breaking $1.6bn (£1.2bn) jackpot in the US Mega Millions lottery.

Posted 2018/10/24 08:05:00

Duchess of Sussex rushed out of busy Fiji market

The Duchess of Sussex has been rushed out of a busy market in Fiji after concerns over "crowd management issues".

Posted 2018/10/24 04:27:00

TV host apologises for blackface comments

A high-profile TV host has apologised for saying that dressing up in blackface for Halloween is okay.

Posted 2018/10/24 03:28:00

Man stabbed in chest at remote base in Antarctica

A man has stabbed and injured a colleague at a research station in Antarctica after suffering an apparent emotional breakdown.

Posted 2018/10/23 21:03:00

Saudis sign deals worth over $50bn despite western boycott

Saudi Arabia is signing trade deals worth $50bn (£38bn) on the first day of an investment conference, despite boycotts by some delegates after the killing of a journalist.

Posted 2018/10/23 14:50:00

Chris Hemsworth picks up hitchhiker - in his helicopter

Most hitchhikers will have more than a few interesting tales to share about their adventures.

Posted 2018/10/22 12:34:00

Superbugs to kill 10 million a year by 2050, MPs warn

Superbugs will kill 10 million people a year by 2050 - more than cancer and diabetes combined - unless urgent action is taken, MPs have warned.

Posted 2018/10/22 09:46:00