Blindfolded and bound bodies found hanging

Eleven family members have been found dead at their home in New Delhi - 10 of them hanging from the ceiling, blindfolded, with their hands bound behind their backs.

Posted 2018/07/01 07:26:00

At least 44 dead in bus crash in Himalayas

At least 44 people have died after a bus crashed into a gorge in northern India.

Posted 2018/07/01 06:12:00

At least 40 dead as bus crashes into 700ft ravine

At least 40 people have died following a crash which saw a bus plunge off a Himalayan mountain road and into a 700ft-deep ravine, officials have said.

Posted 2018/07/01 06:12:00

At least 48 dead as bus crashes into 700ft ravine

At least 48 people have died following a crash which saw a bus plunge off a Himalayan mountain road and into a 700ft-deep ravine, officials have said.

Posted 2018/07/01 06:12:00

Mexican voters pinning hopes on a populist

The economics on display at the weekly Colonia Doctores antiques market in Mexico City are of the most basic kind.

Posted 2018/07/01 01:50:00

Ronaldo follows Messi out of World Cup

Ronaldo has followed Lionel Messi out of the World Cup after Uruguay beat Portugal 2-1 in the last 16.

Posted 2018/06/30 19:39:00

Messi heading home as last 16 starts with bang

France are the first team in to the World Cup quarter-finals after a thrilling 4-3 win over Argentina which sends Lionel Messi home.

Posted 2018/06/30 15:34:00

Divers search murky Thai cave waters in search for boys

Divers are searching the murky waters of a cave in Thailand as the rescue operation steps up to find 12 young boys and their football coach, who have been trapped for a week.

Posted 2018/06/30 11:01:00

Explosion as rocket crashes after lift-off

A rocket has crashed back down to earth just six seconds after taking off in Japan.

Posted 2018/06/30 10:38:00

Trump fooled by prank call on Air Force One

Donald Trump returned a prank phone call from a comedian pretending to be a senator, during a journey back to Washington on Air Force One.

Posted 2018/06/30 09:16:00

Outrage at plan for D-Day concert on Sword beach

Veterans have condemned plans for a D-Day pop concert on "sacred" Sword beach to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

Posted 2018/06/29 19:10:00

Sh-sh-SHARRRK! Five-metre great white off Majorca

A great white shark has been spotted in Spanish waters for the first time in 30 years.

Posted 2018/06/29 16:29:00

Maryland gunman barricaded doors and hunted victims

The prime suspect of a newsroom shooting moved through the office hunting victims after barricading the door, police said.

Posted 2018/06/29 15:42:00

Bodies of three babies found after boat capsizes

The bodies of three babies have been recovered after a boat carrying around 120 migrants capsized off Libya.

Posted 2018/06/29 12:35:00

India cuts web access after deadly kidnapper rumours

Internet access has been cut in north eastern India after three people were beaten to death by mobs in the latest violence triggered by false rumours on social media.

Posted 2018/06/29 09:35:00

Thai police drop packages for missing football team

Packages have been dropped through a shaft in a mountainside in the hope of reaching 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Posted 2018/06/29 08:06:00

Volcano eruption leaves thousands stranded in Bali

Hundreds of people have been forced to flee their homes and 16,000 passengers have seen flights cancelled after a volcano erupted in Indonesia.

Posted 2018/06/29 06:17:00

EU migration deal denounced by aid charity MSF

Aid workers operating to save lives in the Mediterranean have denounced an EU deal on migration.

Posted 2018/06/29 03:00:00

Trump-Putin summit will be a surreal show

So once again, the stage is set for a political spectacle and the rest of the world can only wait and speculate.

Posted 2018/06/28 18:51:00

Melania Trump back on US-Mexico border region

US first lady Melania Trump is visiting an immigration centre in the Arizona city of Tucson.

Posted 2018/06/28 17:05:00