Pirates kidnap 12 crew from Swiss ship off Nigeria

Pirates have kidnapped 12 people from a Swiss merchant vessel off the coast of Nigeria.

Posted 2018/09/22 20:01:00

Irish president accosted by intruder in state home

Security is being reviewed at the official residence of the president of Ireland after a housing protester walked in unchallenged and accosted the 77-year-old, according to reports.

Posted 2018/09/22 11:16:00

Survivor pulled out two days after ferry disaster

A survivor has been pulled out of a capsized ferry on Lake Victoria in Tanzania, two days after the boat sunk with as many as 300 people on board.

Posted 2018/09/22 09:40:00

29 dead as gunmen open fire on Iran military parade

At least 29 people have died and 53 more are injured after gunmen opened fire on a military parade in Iran, according to state media.

Posted 2018/09/22 06:52:00

Top official denies discussing how to remove Trump

One of Donald Trump's top justice officials has denied discussing how to remove the US president from power by declaring him unfit for office.

Posted 2018/09/21 21:34:00

Female supporters back judge accused of sexual assault

Brett Kavanaugh's path to the Supreme Court is looking rocky.

Posted 2018/09/21 21:02:00

Revealed: First look at Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Film fans have been given their first peek at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker.

Posted 2018/09/21 20:47:00

Hurricane floods may spill toxic ash into river

A dam breach in North Carolina is threatening to pollute a large river with toxic coal ash from a power station.

Posted 2018/09/21 19:27:00

Catholic bishop accused of raping nun arrested in India

A Catholic bishop accused of repeatedly raping a nun has been arrested in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Posted 2018/09/21 19:23:00

Rhino poaching falls by a quarter in South Africa

The killing rate of rhinos has fallen by a quarter in South Africa after years in which poachers slaughtered them for their horns in record numbers.

Posted 2018/09/21 16:03:00

Trump challenges professor over judge sex assault claim

Donald Trump has questioned a professor's claim she was sexually assaulted by a Supreme Court nominee, suggesting that if it happened charges would have been filed "immediately".

Posted 2018/09/21 15:54:00

At least 136 dead in Lake Victoria ferry tragedy

At least 136 people have died after an overloaded ferry sank as it prepared to dock on an island in Lake Victoria, say Tanzanian police.

Posted 2018/09/21 15:08:00

LeBron James takes on role in Space Jam 2

Basketball star LeBron James is to appear in a sequel to the 1996 film Space Jam which featured Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes characters.

Posted 2018/09/20 10:43:00

Nosebleeds as flight crew forget to flick pressure switch

Passengers on a Jet Airways flight in India suffered nosebleeds and ear pain after the flight crew reportedly forgot to flick a switch to maintain air pressure on the plane.

Posted 2018/09/20 08:03:00

Gas-filled yoga ball killer jailed for life

An anaesthetist has been jailed for life in Hong Kong for killing his wife and daughter by placing a yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide into their car.

Posted 2018/09/20 07:55:00

Artist wrongly convicted of murder freed after 27 years

An artist who spent 27 years in jail for the murder of a teenager has been freed after his conviction was overturned.

Posted 2018/09/20 01:53:00

Trump defends nominee over sex assault claims

Donald Trump has cast doubt on sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Posted 2018/09/19 14:45:00

Merkel removes spy chief to quell racism row

Germany's leader Angela Merkel has removed her spy chief to end a row over immigration which threatened to destroy her fragile coalition.

Posted 2018/09/18 20:16:00

Bert and Ernie are not gay, says Sesame Street

The makers of Sesame Street have denied that the classic characters Bertie and Ernie are homosexuals.

Posted 2018/09/18 20:05:00

Egypt hotel deaths: Pair moved grandchild to another room

A British couple who died while on holiday in Egypt moved their granddaughter out of their room when she complained of a "musty smell" that made her feel unwell, an inquest has heard.

Posted 2018/09/18 15:47:00