Priti Patel - For British Prime Minister

Although Boris Johnson has given 110% to try to lead U.K through this major crisis, to be honest he doesn't look at all well.Covid19 has certainly taken the wind out of him, to no fault of his own, you can see quite clearly on his face that he sincerely wants to do the best for Britain, but may be Covid19 has weakened him too much he does not seem to be able to exert himself without becoming too tired. We true Brits should all support him through these tough times, but at the same time consider whether the Home Secretary Priti Patel Would make a great British Prime Minister, She is so passionate about Britain and won't stand for nonsense off anyone, that is exactly what this country needs a straight talking Charismatic leader with strong values to make Britain Great again, if anyone can do it She Can. JC

Posted 2020/07/13 15:02:10