Family of man shot dead by police get $3m payout

The family of Philando Castile, a black motorist shot dead by a police officer in the US last year, has been given a $3m settlement.

Posted 2017/06/26 17:57:00

Salvador Dali to be dug up for paternity test

The remains of Salvador Dali are to be exhumed to establish if he is the father of a woman who claims her mother had an affair with the surrealist artist.

Posted 2017/06/26 16:01:00

Swedish al Qaeda hostage freed after six years

A Swedish man held hostage in Mali by al Qaeda has been freed after six years.

Posted 2017/06/26 15:27:00

Trump gets go ahead for partial travel ban

US President Donald Trump's travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries has been partially reinstated by the Supreme Court.

Posted 2017/06/26 14:40:00

Markets cheer €17bn bail-out for Italian banks

Markets across Europe cheered as Italy's €17bn (£15bn) bail-out of two Italian banks was approved - but it raised questions over rules designed to end taxpayer-funded rescues.

Posted 2017/06/26 13:41:00

Shark sparks panic on Majorca beach

Footage has emerged of the moment a blue shark washed ashore as British holidaymakers soaked up the sun on a beach in Majorca.

Posted 2017/06/26 01:27:00

Spain forest fire: More than 1,500 evacuated

Around 1,500 people have been evacuated from homes, campsites and hotels after a forest fire erupted in southern Spain.

Posted 2017/06/25 13:03:00

More than 120 killed in Pakistan tanker blast

More than 120 people - including children - have been killed after an oil tanker flipped over and burst into flames on a highway in Pakistan.

Posted 2017/06/25 04:29:00

Post-Brexit free trade deals for 48 countries

Britain will maintain duty-free access to its markets once it has left the European Union for goods from dozens of developing countries.

Posted 2017/06/25 02:37:00

More than 120 missing after China landslide

At least five people have died and more than 120 remain missing after a landslide struck in southwestern China.

Posted 2017/06/24 07:25:00

Schwarzenegger in video selfie with Macron

Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a video of himself with Emmanuel Macron in which the French President repeated his "make the planet great again" dig at Donald Trump.

Posted 2017/06/23 22:46:00

Photos show Russian jet buzzing spy plane

Photographs released by the US show a Russian SU-27 jet apparently flying within a few metres of an RC-135 spy plane.

Posted 2017/06/23 21:24:00

Families plead with IS to leave bloody Mosul

It is hard to appreciate how dreadful Mosul's old city has become.

Posted 2017/06/23 18:20:00

Five electrocuted at a water park in Turkey

Five people, including a 12-year-old child, have been electrocuted at a water park in Turkey's northwestern Sakarya province.

Posted 2017/06/23 16:01:00

Brazil must cut deforestation or lose funding

Norway has warned Brazil to stop chopping down the Amazon rainforest - or risk a significant cut in funding.

Posted 2017/06/23 15:04:00

Top marathon runner robbed of shoes at gunpoint

A top South African athlete has been mugged at gunpoint while out on his morning run.

Posted 2017/06/23 14:56:00

Putin opponent banned from presidency race

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been barred from running against Vladimir Putin for the country's presidency.

Posted 2017/06/23 13:57:00

Qatar blockade states want Al Jazeera shutdown

Qatar has been told it must close the broadcaster Al Jazeera and meet 12 other demands to lift a blockade by countries including Saudi Arabia.

Posted 2017/06/23 09:08:00

North Korea denies torturing US student

North Korea has denied torturing a US student who was detained for more than a year and died days after being released in a coma.

Posted 2017/06/23 07:58:00

Record as sniper kills IS target two miles away

A sniper in the Canadian special forces has broken a British-held record for the longest confirmed kill after shooting dead an IS fighter from more than two miles away.

Posted 2017/06/23 06:44:00

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